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Nightmare scourge of dogs everywhere.
It is simple, you do not bark at cats without wagging your tail first. To do so risks the wrath of the boogiecat. It is something all puppies learn early and discuss often. Boogiecats are ten times larger than any known dog, and they can grow even larger when angered. Their eyes glow in the dark with an eerie gray cast to them. The fangs of the boogiecat are at least four paws long and drip with soapy water, the absolute worst kind of water. Their breath smells like broccoli and medicine and they are prone to snap their teeth in your direction just for seeing them. No puppy can see a boogiecat without piddling themselves, even if they aren't standing on a propper potty pad. Boogiecats are the wrathful protectors of kittens chased and can be summoned by any mother cat. In summation, never, I repeat never bark at a cat without wagging your tail first
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