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I missed the contest entry date. This poem lacks something. + or - comments welcome.
Hopper's Gift

Hopper was a rabbit who was not like Peter at all
He saw beauty in the place he called home
His parents thought he was a pensive child overall
Who would enjoy a small catacomb

His mother's birthday was a month away
He sat in his chair quietly planning
For his gift that would please her everyday
While she was busy with food she was canning

His canvas was a large stone in his yard
The paint would be from juices of roots and oil
The best brush was a cattail stem from the old churchyard
​That to seek would not cause any turmoil

Hopper collected dew from the next morning's grass
As good artwork needed to be smooth and clear
And for his mother it would be first class
And a treasure that she would come to revere

Each picture he drew showed a flower she would like
The sunshine would bring out the colors so nicely
Soon she would have a garden that was very lifelike
With the likeness would stand out precisely

Hopper's mother's surprise was worth all the work
She hugged him and said flowers made her smile
And she loved his special genuine birthday artwork
And would brag about it for quite a while.
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