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Eclipse is a short symbolic story that shows a different tragic end for love stories.
While counting her last breaths, my daughter was weeping bitter tears as a prey. She was murdered as a result of loving you, the devil. Your wickedness killed us all. Live in hell, Einar, you are not forgiven.
Einar woke up terrified from this nightmare as seeing Aeliana’s father burnt his soul; that made him remember his bloody past and what he lost. He went to have a bath and let the water washes the dust of his soul. Each drop permeated his mind to give him a chance to breathe again. He heard from the news that eclipse will happen today, so he stayed in the balcony with his dog. He told his dog the definition of the eclipse from his point of view.
“ look, when the moon misses the sun, he goes and hugs her. Accordingly, the dark light covers the whole planet”. When he said these words, his story with Aeliana hit his memory. He took a deep breath, then started to tell the story.
“ two years ago, I met an angel disguised in a human being. She, Aeliana, the woman I loved the most. She and I were like the sun and moon, we were an eclipse. Our love was an epic that ended tragically. She used to tell me: Einar, cover my soul up. Touch me and tell me that you love me, kiss me and tell me that you will never let go, burn me with your love. And I used to reply with one sentence only. Aeliana, you are my goddess, and I worship you”. His tears were outflowing as a river, burning like flames, and made him nothing but a helpless creature. He looked at the sky and continued,
“ my bloody past caused me pain. I was an assassin, and when I failed in one of my missions, they wanted revenge. Instead of killing me, they killed Aeliana and her family. They did it in front of my eyes. I was shackled, and I couldn’t do anything but screaming and begging them to free my wife and her family. Her voice was torturing me, yet I couldn’t save her. The sound of gunfire was an explosion in my ears. The scene made me breathless that I fell like a gazelle hunted by a cattle of wolves. The four of us were laying on the ground, but I was the only one who can breathe. In a few seconds, I lost the feeling of my body and soul. Before losing my consciousness, I saw her body covered with blood. I promised her to cover her soul up with love, and all she got is blood.”
He imagined her beautiful face in the sky, so he smiled and said.
“ love is a road that leads to pain. This road led to your death, my muse, and my end also. Forgive me, please. I couldn’t save you, and I can’t die because if I ever did, that will give me rest. I don’t deserve to rest; I only deserve to suffer.”

And when the dark light covered the place, and a breeze kissed Einar’s face. He smiled and said, “ I can’t see you here. But in the sky, I know that can hug you, Aeliana”.
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