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by mxnasi
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2219940
Flash-Fiction including the words "hat" , "legend" , and "strong"
We were not supposed to be there. Room #3 in the library was restricted. But we were drawn to it. That evening, we went in.

Pieces of paper scattered around—bottles, stuffed toys, and colored clothes all over.

“This is unlike any other room in the library,” Jess exclaimed.

“Well, obviously. It’s the reason it was restricted.” I reminded him.

Something in the room caught my eye. A peculiar looking hat that looked out of place. It was the shape of a palm, but with six fingers. I counted.

There was a piece of paper attached to it. Jess and I walked, gravitated towards the strange headgear.

Legend has it, the one under this hat will fall into a sleep that has no awakening.” I read out.

“What a load of garbage.” Jess laughed.

I wasn’t so sure. The message seemed odd.

“Give it to me.” Jess insisted.

“J-Jess, I’m not so sure…” I said weakly.

Jess was always strong-willed. He took the hat from my hands and put it on his head. For a moment, nothing happened.

“See. Told you it was all a…” He stopped speaking.

“Jess?” I was terrified.

He collapsed in a heap to the floor.

I began searching the room for something to help him. And that’s when I saw it.

Skeletons. Under the piles of clothes, papers, toys, there were hidden skeletons.

We were not the first ones to have stumbled into this evil den.

I ran out of Room #3, and Jess lay there with six fingers on his head.

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