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by Norman
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The saddest word you'll ever hear
The saddest word you’ll ever hear:

They say that if you never try
then you will never know.
You’ll never know how good you are,
how far that you can go.

But if you never even try
then you will never lose.
So you can try or just lay back.
Well, which one will you choose?

You’ll have to figure what to do
‘cause this is your big chance.
Will you step out on the floor
or never get to dance?

And if you do go all the way
and give it your best shot,
there is a chance that you’ll succeed -
a bigger chance you’ll not.

So maybe you’ll fall short this time
and not achieve your goal.
And if you fail at what you tried
you’ll pay a hefty toll.

But if you almost do it all,
if you almost win,
at least you did the best you could.
So face it with a grin.

Not everyone can win the race
or claim the highest prize.
But if you gave it all you had
you’re golden in my eyes.

The sweetest word you’ll ever hear:

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