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Flashbacks to my German time in the Army.
Train to Berlin,
got off at Fulda.
Moody Blues.
Disco music
played so loudly
by the Brothers
that the walls shook
late at night
in our barracks.
OP Alpha
on the East German border,
where we went
face to face
with our enemies,
made them blink
in the end.
Little Michael
at Hahn AFB
across the country,
where I'd go
'cause they were Family,
and I loved them so.
Field training
in the dead of winter,
when ice
coated our sleeping bags
because somebody
forgot to refuel
the tent's heater
when it was his turn. . .
a massive exercise
when my unit
was rescued
from being captured
by British tanks
appearing out of nowhere
to fight off
The Bad Guys
at the last minute.
Getting schnockered
soon afterward
at a nearby gasthaus
with our Heroes.
The cathedral
in Fulda,
playing frisbee
on the grounds
until the poliezi
asked us to leave.
GI German
taught us
by Frau Rechs
we used all the time
when leaving the kaserne
making utter fools of ourselves
with the Comerades,
neither side CARING.
Gummi bears
I'd bring Little Michael
when visiting them,
causing him to exclaim
Farrahad Keller,
bicycling the countryside
on a three speed Schwinn
sent from home,
buying a tenspeed Peugeot
that lasted two weeks
before I bent its frame.
Tequila Sunrises,
Eerie comic books,
every payday.
Conan The Barbarian
collected al the books.
$5000 stereo systems
it took years
to pay for,
but de regeur
for a barracks rat.
Selt-propelled howitzers,
Command post carrriers,
Gamma goats.
Rod and Gun Club.
Class 6.
I rebelled too much,
losing a stripe
before being forced
to leave Germany
a year early,
with a weeks notice
by The Powers That Be.
Long plane ride
to Kansas,
where I ended my time
in the Army,
but that's another story . . . .
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