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by 0001
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2220987
A long, indulgent vacation let her eat without worry and now she's showing flabby results.
Casey had bought herself a two month-long vacation at the all-expenses paid resort of 'Sunny Gorge'. She was in for a long, relaxing, do-nothing time there. She could paddle about the pools, sunbathe, eat and drink whatever she wanted, and not worry about anything for two months. It was going to be paradise.

The trip to the resort hadn't even really finished when one of the staff came out to greet the guests getting off the coach with a box of bottled water. Casey, hot from the long coach ride, gladly accepted. When she was shown to her room, there was a full-sized fridge-freezer, not the usual little mini-fridge of snacks. The staff pointed out that, unlike the usual hotel fridges full of tiny over-priced snacks and drinks, this was all free and full-sized. Just in case a guest got peckish and didn't want to wait for room service to arrive. There was a huge selection that would be restocked regularly, by the two daily maids services.

Casey was about to start unpacking, but she decided she might as well start enjoying her time here right away, so she took out a tub of fancy ice cream and a large slice of rich chocolate cake. She ate the cake, the unpacked her suitcases while she let the ice cream melt just enough. It was delicious.

Now, then, for chapter 2, what would you like:
2a - Casey gorges, deciding "What the hell, I'm on vacation".

2b - Casey notices a lot of the guests here are getting fat...
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