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A Writer's Cramp entry for May 5, 2020
Prompt: "Is this the new normal?"

"Is this the new normal" The quarantine has definitely changed the way we do things. While it is still too early to tell if many of the changes will remain in effect, the quarantine of 2020 has brought about a few changes that it may not hurt to hold on to. For example, what would it hurt for us all to wear masks when we go out into the public? We may not be at risk of contracting anything but who knows about the other people we encounter? my niece had leukemia when she was 13. She had to wear a mask and gloves everywhere she went and even then was in danger of catching infections which could have killed her. The person we meet in the store after this is all over may have a compromised immune system and appreciate us all wearing masks!

Social distancing could also be a good thing. I am a people person and even I like my personal space. I've been to huge cities like New York and Chicago when the sidewalks were so crowded you couldn't walk. People packed in like that is dangerous even when there is no pandemic. If for no other reason, then just to give each other a little more breathing room is a good reason for social distancing.

Something else that has come out of the pandemic is that it has given many a new appreciation of their own mortality. I don't want to sound preachy but I have to repeat the sentiments uttered by Socrates so long ago and tell people to consider the good of their souls. It makes no difference whether you consider a soul to be just the personality that exists in each of us or if you take a conservative religious view, each of us has a soul. There is no harm in considering the good of one's soul and one's spiritual roots.

The sadness of the pandemic has been a tremendous loss of life. My heart goes out to any who have lost loved ones throughout this terrible ordeal. There is no replacement for human lives and one death is too many. Please allow us to learn from the sacrifices we have all made and keep some of the good things that we have accomplished through this in place. Although there has been terrible tragedy for many, others have exemplified themselves during this. Please continue to be considerate of others and love one another.
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