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by Soare
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Competition Entry-By the Writers Cramp
Sleep was miles away from Charlie's eyes. He was tilting on his bed again and again. Sometimes, he covered himself with the blanket, and the other time he took it off. Everything was comfortable here, the room was nice, big, and cozy. There was a small window beside his bed, the window was slightly open which lets the cool air in to relieve himself from the hot weather. All seemed good but still, Charlie didn't know what was the reason behind his restlessness.

Something was missing in his life and what was that he couldn't figure it out. He sat up straight, turned on the light. His hands and eyes rested on the silver picture fra,e. Charlie picked up the picture frame and looked at the man, woman, and two little children who were gleaming with joy. It was a happy family. That picture gave Charlie mixed feelings. His heart was aching and he wants to cry and smile at the same time. A big lump formed inside Charlie's throat.

He put the frame aside, climbed down from his bed, and went towards the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and picked up the water bottle. Within minutes, he gulped the whole water down. For a minute, he felt a little cool. Instant relief, washed his whole body. But that relief was momentary. The silence in the apartment was killing him down. Even, though he was free somewhere he still feels like he had been chained up and was forced to act calm and patient. He didn't want to do that.

Without, thinking further, Charlie went towards the front door, he opened it up, went outside and closed the door behind him. Soon, he took the elevator and pressed the button for the first floor. After a few moments, he was out of his apartment into the street. It was late at night. During his journey of coming down, he didn't get to meet a single living being. It was so quiet and it was the same outside.

Charlie was still in his pajamas and bed head and now he was dragging himself in the middle of the street. He turned around the corner where there was a small park. The gates of the park were still open, which made it easy for Charlie to enter the park. He went inside and moved towards one of the swings. For a second, Charlie looked around, when he was satisfied that no one was there, he sat down on the swings and started swinging slowly. He took a deep breath and glanced at numerous bright stars. The cool air was blowing around him that was making things flutter too and fro. He rested his head on the swing's chains. Charlie thought, even though no one was here, still, the things- the surrounding around him was blooming with happiness.

With the cold air that was caressing his body, his eyelids felt heavy. Charlie closed his eyes. At the next moment, he saw his brother and parents standing in front of him. The scene in front of him was vague. Except for his family, everything else was dark. Charlie tried to move close towards them and the distance between them increase. He again tried to move closer towards them and it seemed like the three of them were blending in with the dark. Charlie tried it a couple of times and every time the distance between them increased dramatically and they blend more with the dark. Soon, they faded out and Charlie took a sharp, deep breath. He opened his eyes and looked around. An old man was shaking him furiously.

Charlie rubbed his temple. " I'm awake. You can stop now." He said slowly.

The old man released him. He peered at Charlie carefully, "You are shaking so bad. Are you having a bad dream?"

Charlie nodded, "Nightmare, happens all the time."

"You might have watching horror movies in night. Youngsters, nowadays. Ghost could scare you to death if it comes in your dream." The old man laughed loudly.

"You're right." Charlie stopped for a moment. He settled his gaze on one of the rose bushes, "Movies can be avoided but how will you get away when it's a memory that haunts me every day."
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