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(Just a moment to laugh a little, and relax in COVID times.) Cringe!

"Hi Doc!"
"Hey Miss Alexis."
"It's time for my annual, and this time - over the phone!"
"Yes, it is. Yeap, yeap. Social distancing and safety first. This virus is changing our whole way of behaving. Well, I see that the nurse already got your screening questions. All looking good. Yeap, yeap."
"As always, Doc. I do all I can. You know that. I must."
"Yeap, yeap. Yes. I know. Hummm let's see here ... Still on the same meds, and vitamins?"
"Yes. Well. No. Taking new ones. Doing new things."
"OK. What, now?"
"Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins, you know, the gummies. They are delicious. Made with fruit, based Pectin. I read that they are very good. It's amazing. Lustrous hair, shiny skin, and it contains Biotin - 5,000 mcg per serving, and Collagen - 300 mg per serving Doc, along with antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E. My hair is growing longer and my nails are harder. I look vibrant."
"Good. Very good. Anything else?"
"Yes. Vitamin D3. With all this virus and the stay at home thing."
"Yeap, yeap Being safe is the most important but remember that vitamin D does not replace the natural sunlight."
"Yes, Doc. I know but you once said that too much sun can cause the risk of skin cancer, wrinkles, and age spots. You know how much I care about my looks and why."
"Yeap, yeap. I know. What else?"
"I noticed that my teeth were a bit yellowish so I got a Whiten Your Teeth at Home Kit and my teeth look like - snow. Amazing. All my girlfriends are so jealous."
"I bet they are. No gum irritation, though? Remember. You are prone to allergic reactions for almost anything."
"No, Doc. Nothing. I look radiant. I can't stop touching my teeth with my tongue - back and forth as they feel so clean."
"Yeap, yeap. Anything else?"
"Yes! I read that Olay Regenerist Retinol Recovery Night 24 face cream gives you an incredibly perfect skin! Using it for 4 months now and I already look younger, Doc. I swear! It says it enhances beauty, it penetrates 10 layers deep and it regenerates surface cells up to 99%. I look beautiful. If only you could see me."
"I bet you do. No skin reaction? Remember last time with that horrible procedure to eliminate old face cells? It contained Sulfur. You were allergic. Your face was swollen like a circus balloon."
"No, Doc. I promise. I promise."
"Anything else before I let you go?"
"No, Doc."
"Alright. I will order your refills ... and, Oh, last question. Are you still using the recommended shaving cream in order to avoid skin irritation and redness?"
"Well, Doc. No. I am not shaving everyday now, Doc. I am giving a chance for my skin to heal, as my Dad used to say to me years ago."
"Why not?"
"Because I am wearing the mask everyday, all the time, everywhere. Safety comes first, right Doc?"
"Wise decision, Miss Alexis. Wise decision."

Word Count: 500
For the Dialogue 500 Contest May 2020

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