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Chronicle Entry 1: People say the Wyvern doesn't exist. I'm here to prove them wrong.

I made the promise to take a photo of a Wyvern and demand an explanation from one ten months ago when I found out that Alexandre Yersin was wrong when he 'discovered' in 1894 that the bacterium yersinia pestis created the Bubonic Plague. It was a good assumption and very valid for his time, especially as everyone and everything was criticised as being the cause of the Black Death that occured in the 14th century. Guaranteed mass hysteria was a given for the plague that caused the death of around 25 million people. However, Yersin's explanation wasn't complete as he scientifically did not believe in the so-called mythical Wyvern. This is the monster I'm going on a road trip with my 2 closest friends to hunt.

Now, you're probably thinking I'm crazy, like my ex-employer the New York Post did- I assure you I'm not! In fact, would an unstable person use the verb 'assure'? Would a person imagine having met a Gorgon last year? Would a person actually have the guts to invent a story about meeting a Siren 4 months ago on Valentine's Day? I assure you, I am perfectly sane, mythical creatures- e.g. WYVERNS- exist!

As Wyverns are quite unusual I will take a moment before closing this entry to describe to you what one is and why I and my epidemiologist friend, Nicola, and our cryptozoologist friend Evan believe they not only exist but started the Bubonic Plague.

A Wyvern is a small-dragon like creature with two spindly, bird-like legs that follow down to two sharply curved talons. Unlike the mythical dragon, a Wyvern is not a reptile who aggressively crawls or slithers, instead it is said to clumsily hop, hover or pounce to its' destination. Hovering is slight misinformation as it implies it cannot travel very high, but Nicola saw one and claimed it was hovering at a height equivalent to The Shard in London! Although, Nicola is not good at guessing heights and she was peering out of a cottage in the Lake District at the time. Anyways, this creature has learnt how to temporarily appear in a human form to enable it to integrate into society, or to enable it to better learn how to hide away in its' natural form and not be discovered or for another reason. We do not know their motives, but I doubt they're all good. Especially as they are one of the creators of Pestilence.

It was in a human form that we discovered one last year. Biggest regret of my life. Evan, Nicola and I were a band of 4 back then with Adam too, Adam was engaged to this sweet girl Lily, only it turned out the woman was not so sweet and not so woman! Adam cheated on her with Nicola (it was a one-time thing!) but when she discovered it at the Lake District, she became so emotional that she apparently lost control of her form and revealed herself to be a Wyvern. Sadly, Evan and I were running at the time, having left Adam, Nicola and Lily at our lodge. I should've saved him. I should've been there. So, all the information is according to Adam, who told us this whilst he literally was on his deathbed and ashamed of his dating a creature he had been determined to hunt, as Nicola had been knocked out by the unique barbed end of the Wyvern/Lily's tail. See, he was a hunter who had kept his knowledge of creatures' secret from us because Evan would be hurt that he was killing creatures, Nicola would call him delusional and I'm apparently a gossip. I'm sorry, I'm getting back on track now! So, Adam told us all about Lily changing and when he passed, his Chronicle told us the rest we'd need to know about Wyverns (amongst other creatures). Such as how he became ill because in Lily's fury, she used her Wyvernic power of her breath of pestilence to give him the Plague. By the time Evan and I had returned to the lodge Lily had flown away and Adam was terminally ill on the bed.

My first impressions of Wyverns were not good. Especially as 2 months later, we discovered connections between Wyverns and the worst diseases in human history, including but not extending to the Bubonic Plague. Since Adam's death, Nicola, Evan and I have taken up hunting on a part-time basis. As of next-week, it will be full-time. We've had to do this as our work alongside another hunter led us to discover a collection of Wyverns have a plot to spread more Pestilence into the world. In case we don't survive, we each made a pact to create our own chronicle and write in it sporadically about the creatures we encounter on our journey so others can continue after us.

This is Rebekka, signing off and going to pack! I pray we'll finish our journey so you won't have to. xxx
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