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Pandora Evans,
My dearest granddaughter, I want you to remember what I've always told you. Your magic is a part of you, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are a more powerful than you know, and stronger than you believe. You are beautiful and charismatic, I know you'll do wonderful things for those around you. Always know your worth, so that no one shall ever put you down. You're a brave young lady and I know you'll fight for what is right and for what you believe in. Never doubt your capability in doing what your little heart desires. I love you, my little diamond.
Loving Grandmother, Mabel
Pandora replaced the letter in the envelope. Every time she felt lost and confused, she would read it. Taking a deep breath, she cleared her mind. Grandmother Mabel always said we forge plans from a well-put mindscrapes. The rebellion needed Pandora; she couldn't let the group down in their fight for freedom. Magic was everywhere, and those who wielded it, used it. And damn it, she would change the rules. Government be damned!

A knock sounded from the other side of the wooden door, jolting her out of her thoughts. "Yes?" She called out, her soft and sweet voice loud enough for the individual to hear. "Lady Evans, Klaus has requested to speak privately with you. Said to be of urgent matters." The recognizable voice of Lydia, a young, low level mage, called out. "Of course, I'll shall be out shortly." She stated, Lydia replied with an affirmative before swiftly walking away.

The dark haired girl glanced in the mirror for a brief moment, sighing at her reflection. Her lack of proper sleep was quite noticeable in the way the once barely visible eye-bags had darkened on her pale face. "Acutus reintegro." She whispered with a wave of her hand, instantly her appearance wasn't as disheveled. Nodding, she opened her door and walked out. The laboratory is where Klaus was usually found in, so she headed there first. He had a strong aptitude for potion making and healing magic, so it was only natural he'd be more drawn there.

She rapped her knuckles firmly against the old wooden door, the paint chipping away. Knocking was a sign of respect in someone's privacy, it was also used to state ones appearance and not disrupt whatever the other was doing. The door slowly opened, the creaking sounded loudly in the nearly empty hallway. Klaus poked his head head, dirty blonde hair falling messily down his forehead, stopping at the nape of his neck. Beautiful dark eyes lighting up when noticing who stood at the door. "Panda, come in." He ushered her into the spacious room before shutting the door quickly.

He had been the only one allowed to call her ridiculous nicknames and get away unscathed. The two had been friends for the longest time and had even discovered their heritage together. "What is it you needed, Klaus?" She asked, a fond smile playing at her lips. Said boy walked over to the table full of containers with unidentifiable liquids. "I found something strange," He said. "Verum monstrant." Suddenly several of the unknown liquids exploded in flash of bright light, before a large dark X appeared.

Pandora gasped, eyes widening. She took an involuntary step back. "Klaus, where did you find those?" She asked, needing to know before she went jumping into conclusions. "When we raided the laboratory, the one working for the Government. I nicked these from the box labeled dangerous, I figured I'd study these to see if I could find what was harming the magic users and creatures." He replied, tilting his head confused on what the big deal was. "Klaus, do you know what that was? What this means?" She all but shouted, worry seeping through her voice. She continued when he shook his head, looking lost. "That was a corrupted magical signature, which means that someone with magic is working with them, destroying us. That's why those who were attacked couldn't heal properly, it was one of our kind."

Klaus looked at her, worry clear in his eyes. He knew Pandora was most likely the most powerful enchantress he has ever encountered. Someone of her caliber would be able to defeat the unknown mage, but at what cost. She could exhaust herself to the point of death, or have her own magic devour her. He wouldn't risk it. "What are we going to do?" He asked. Her green eyes met his, she pushed back the dread and trepidation she felt, and replied determinedly. "We do what we always do. Fight."

She'll keep them all safe, even if she has to lay down he life.
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