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The following article is fully a fiction. The reader will get some thrill and excitement.
"The Mysterious Portal"

That was a late night of March. It was raining heavily I was at the midway to home, fully wet. I was wondering how I may pass the night. But I couldn't come up with any great idea. I was completely alone on the streets, because I don't think that anyone except me would come from his workshop at the middle of the night. I was getting closer to my house and suddenly I saw some sparks behind the wood very near to my house. I thought it might be the reflection of thunder from something. But as much as close I got to it; it didn't seem any longer that it was a reflection. As it is very much common for an inventor to have interests in machines, so with a mind full of curiosity I went to it (Because I thought it might be a machine or something like that). And I saw something like cylinder shaped thing, some buttons on it and it had some strange name written over it saying 'Ashraas'. I took that thing and continued walking towards my house.
After a few moments, I entered my house, changed my clothes, got my dinner into the woven, finished it and kept the Ashraas thing inside my wardrobe. It took my almost one hour to complete those tasks. It was almost 3 at night. I was very tired and pulled myself to bed and tried to sleep. On that moment I saw some lights behind my wardrobe. I thought it was my hallucination for the lack of sleep. But, NO! I continued to see that thing. So, I thought I might check it out what was that.
I opened the door of my wardrobe and whoa! What the hell was that! The machine I picked out from outside was projecting something. Something, like a portal. The portal was round in shape and white in colour. I was stunned for that moment and thought what to do. I was even thinking whether I am awake or sleeping. Then I decided to see what was inside that thing. I peeked inside and saw that there was another room of mine inside that portal. Then, I stepped inside the portal and the best thing was there was another me inside that portal.
At that time my doubt was really increasing if I was dreaming. But the another me was trying to leave the place. And as soon as he saw me, he jumped at me (maybe he thought me as a thief) Trying to knock me down but then I said my name and said that "I am you from the other world". It was expected that he wouldn't believe but I got my ass saved from being knocked down. Then he saw my face and maybe it seemed a miracle to him. But he quickly got out of the shock and said, "How did you get that Ashrass?" This time I was stunned and started asking myself how did he know about that thing.
There was a complete silence. Few moments later he said, "Our world has progressed more than yours in science. About 5 years ago we got to know that the parallel universe is real but the government didn't reveal it in front of the whole community. They started a secret mission to reach the other universe in a complete secret base. And on that continuity the Ashraas was invented by our best scientist named RK and it is such a machine that can merge the time and space and create a portal to another world. I was one of the most secret agents on that mission. At the beginning, I thought it was good for both of our word but as times changed, I got to know that the mission was to conquer over your world. As I have already said our world has greatly progressed in science, your weapons and technology are nothing compared to ours. So, there was no way that your world was going to survive. But I believe that freedom is everyone's right. So, I along with some of other agents intended to destroy that machine but failed. But somehow, we managed to send it away from this world. And we somehow got out of the secret base saving our identity" I was totally blank for some moment. Then I said, "Unfortunately your machine teleported near my house and I picked it up. So, if you managed to send the device then why did it project the portal automatically?" He replied that, "I think they must be trying to remotely connect the device. If it is true, they might have known this location and heading to us. We must leave this place at once." Saying this he quickly picked that machine and started to run pulling my right hand with him and jumped into his car.
I saw some techs on that car that I have never seen before. (You can guess what the techs could be, if an inventor hadn't seen them in his life.) The car was even weaponized. While driving the car rapidly out of his garage and going to the middle of nowhere, he told me the story of his team on destroying that machine. To say briefly, they were three who tried to destroy that machine. Actually, what happened was one of their teammates named Rech is a professional hacker, who hacked into their system to blind the CCTVs and the other two of them actually did the field work. But the machine was kept in a highly secured vault, which they couldn't breach through but they had an alternative plan. The machine was connected to the IP of their server so that the government could remotely monitor it. So, the other plan was to make the machine unusable by hacking it. Rech tried so, but couldn't do that. But what he did is to teleport that machine to my house (well, I am thankful to him for that!). And that's what really happened. Within the time of telling me his story, we reached a really distant place where the other me had his secret safe house.
Well, on that time I was feeling jealous that the other me from parallel universe was a secret agent and I was just an inventor who could just invent and do nothing. Whatever, we got into his safe house. Well to say something about his safehouse, it was underground, maybe 50 feet below the surface. The entrance was an underground tunnel which could only be found, if the other me performed a speech recognition process on a secret microphone dug beneath a tree. Well, as I expected he had an arsenal inside that safehouse (I was thinking how he managed all that money!). Then he called the other two agents, they also came in following the same procedures. But on that I was thinking if an agent is that much advanced then how much advanced the government was.
Well, on that time I don't know how the government fulfilled my expectations and their secret agency got our location and they breached through the safehouse like the FBI (It was not FBI, it had another name which I couldn't see) and knocked all of us with their taser guns (The tasers were advanced than our CEWs as expected). Then they took us to their secret base where the machine was actually made and chained us in some kind of electric lasso (It seemed to me like Wonder Woman's lasso of truth!) and kept us in a prisoner cell.
On that time, I hit upon an idea, as the chains were made of electricity, if I can create a blackout maybe we can get out of there. Well, the watch I wore on my left wrist was not an ordinary one, I specially built it and it could absorb any kind of energy for at least 30 seconds at the radius of 5 meters. I turned on the absorbing power and it created a block out and our chain disappeared and we got free (I think they made a great mistake by not taking our belongings, I think they were over confident on their security or maybe lack of time). The cells were high tech but depended on electricity, so we got out of there as well (On that time I felt really proud to be an inventor). The other me then knocked out the guards outside our cell (He is good at unarmed fighting, still envious).
Then we quickly moved our asses from there and came to the vault where the machine was kept. I again turned on the absorbing power but this time it didn't work. But an inventor was there; I opened the circuit board of the vault of their gate and made some tweaks and Bingo! It opened. Then the other me shot that Ashraas and it burst up. As it merged the time and space and they got separated, it caused a great exposition and I lost my sense. The next morning, I opened my eyed and I was in a hospital. I thought maybe I got stuck in the parallel universe for the rest of my life. On that moment the nurse came in and said that there was a short circuit in my house which caused fire accident and the fire brigade came in and rescued me. I think for the explosion on the separation of time and space, it brought me back to the place where it all started. But whatever I got saved along with my world. But I don't know what happened to the other me from the other universe. It will remain a mystery to me.


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