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In my head words swirl around, but how to put them into words?
I listen to many for far to long
about how writing is waste
and it is just wrong.

All the stories I have in my head
swirl around and are never sound.
They continue, even in bed

"Just write what you know"
some have said. What I know? What I know is a lot
"Just write it all out and it will grow,"
"Just have a good plot."

So much can be written,
so much can be said,
what to express though, is hidden.
How do I put on paper what is in my head.

"It is just writers block,"
so it is called.
Hours have passed as I stare at the clock,
barely have I scrawled.

I have things to say,
but I need the right words
to convey,
something to record.

So much can be done, fantasy
drama, mystery
or non-fiction, no not actually
not my style, nor my history.

Should it be now
or in a time past.
Should it wow
or should it abashed.

How do I put to words
what I think and feel
when all escapes me,
seems so unreal.

For hours ideas swirl around,
but when I go to
write it down.......
The paper stares back, still blank.

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