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Want to play with old Journalistic Intentions prompts? Here you go!
I don't always run prompt contest, but when I do, I save the old prompts from "Journalistic Intentions [18+] } for anyone that might have missed out. Feel free to use these prompts however you wish! If you do use them, feel free to let me know how and where. I am genuinely curious about how (else) these can manifest.

*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*ROUND 1 PROMPTS*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*

*Clef* Santa Clara Vanguard 2018  
*Clef* THUD Light Drumming  
*Clef* Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata as played by Rosseau  
*Clef* "Jupiter" as played on Holst's own piano  

TED Talks
*Mic* Autistic Women and Dating  
*Mic* Examining Procrastination  
*Mic* Language and Thinking  
*Mic* Cliched Lies  

*Smirk2* Snickers Super Bowl LIV Commercial  
*Smirk2* On dating smart people  
*Smirk2* Grouch, an SNL parody (18+)  
*Smirk2* Your Grammar Sucks  

The Minefield
*Bomb* Manipulation and the Apple Customer Experience  
*Bomb* Shunning by Jehovah's Witnesses  
*Bomb* Simon Sinek on Millennials  
*Bomb* Drawbacks of Straw Alternatives  

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