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Want to play with old Journalistic Intentions prompts? Here you go!
I don't always run prompt contest, but when I do, I save the old prompts from "Journalistic Intentions [18+] } for anyone that might have missed out. Feel free to use these prompts however you wish! If you do use them, feel free to let me know how and where. I am genuinely curious about how (else) these can manifest.

*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*ROUND 1 PROMPTS*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*

*Clef* Santa Clara Vanguard 2018  
*Clef* THUD Light Drumming  
*Clef* Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata as played by Rosseau  
*Clef* "Jupiter" as played on Holst's own piano  

TED Talks
*Mic* Autistic Women and Dating  
*Mic* Examining Procrastination  
*Mic* Language and Thinking  
*Mic* Cliched Lies  

*Smirk2* Snickers Super Bowl LIV Commercial  
*Smirk2* On dating smart people  
*Smirk2* Grouch, an SNL parody (18+)  
*Smirk2* Your Grammar Sucks  

The Minefield
*Bomb* Manipulation and the Apple Customer Experience  
*Bomb* Shunning by Jehovah's Witnesses  
*Bomb* Simon Sinek on Millennials  
*Bomb* Drawbacks of Straw Alternatives  

*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*ROUND 2 PROMPTS*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*

1. An over sized, monster truck on the highway with a competition sound system may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Winheim Witheiw

2. Well-behaved women rarely do behave well, they just make everyone else think they do. catty

3. That's always an interesting concept when you try to mind your own (profane adjective) business then you end up on face book or twitter. plainsue

4. I like Captain Kirk but I can't say I'm very fond of him turning in his space suit for a cheesy priceline commercial. lucyrose

5. That's always an interesting concept when you try to get the toddler to act as a cleaning product and you come up against the facts of exactly what it is you're attempting to do. ☮ The Grum Of Grums

6. Today you are annoying, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is more likely to get sucker punched in the face by me than you. Lenox

7. The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could fit back into my Wonder Woman costume. Whiskerfacehadagreatvacation

8. Try not to become a man of Call of Duty prowess, but rather try to become a man of legitimate Zombie Apocalypse fighting skills. Brandiwyn🎶

9. You have to look through the rain to see the oncoming bus, dump truck, and motorcycle. Solace.Bring

10.You have to look through the rain to see the little green imp pulling on the threads of the rainbow. Invasion of the Insanity

11. You'll find love when you prepare the ritual correctly. Chibithulu (Alyssa)

12. You'll find love when you give up and shoot cupid. Coffee Queen Sox

13. Shoot for the moon! And even if you miss, your crash landing will be SPECTACULAR! Dad

14. Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll get a lot of practical experience with Newtonian orbital mechanics. Robert Waltz

15. Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because you didn't have to pay for it. Solace.Bring

16. Don't cry because it's over, smile because you didn't catch it. Odessa Molinari

*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*ROUND 3 PROMPTS*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*

*Drbag* Dr. Croissant
*Drbag* Dr. Fail
*Drbag* Dr. Fangman
*Drbag* Dr. Brain

*Stop* Solid Waste Rd.
*Stop* Porcupine Pt.
*Stop* Hazard Ave.
*Stop* Kitchen-Dick Road

*Mailr* lifeinsurancenet.info@identityremains.com
*Mailr* hairtherapy@gilbertneurolgy.com
*Mailr* politicalwatch@appliancerepairscottsdaleaz.com
*Mailr* fever.warning@companknee.com

*Penr* Golden State Urology
*Penr* Kissing Camels Surgery Center
*Penr* Ricotta Vascular Lab
*Penr* Prostate Laser Center

*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*ROUND 4 PROMPTS*Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea**Idea*

*Clapper* Things We Lost in the Fire
*Clapper* The Shape of Water
*Clapper* Battlefield Earth
*Clapper* Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

*VinylB* Turn Off the Light
*VinylB* Let It Roll
*VinylB* Immigrant Song
*VinylB* Twilight Alehouse

*Books4* Bad Blood
*Books4* The Gluten Lie
*Books4* On the Beach
*Books4* The House of the Spirits

*Quill* Battle of Angels
*Quill* The Invention of Love
*Quill* Glengarry Glen Ross
*Quill* When We Dead Awaken
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