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Is there underlying reason why the Government has been slow rolling disclosure of ETs.
One of the events that has been verified by so many sources as to no longer be in question is that two alien craft crashed in Roswell NM in 1947. Every effort imaginable was undertaken to cover the event up and I won't go into all the unethical and ruthless means this entailed. Despite the full weight of the Government being brought to bear, none could wash away the stain of all the lies. The truth of what happened has endured the test of time. Two alien craft crashed in the desert, there were bodies recovered and one of them was alive. The surviving crew member was named Extraterrestrial Biological Entity 1 (EB1). EB1 helped get one of the recovered devices working and communications was established with a group of ETs who came to be known as EBENs. This led to a contact in the late 1950s when a craft landed and recovered the ET bodies. The following year an exchange was worked out and twelve astronauts were sent to an EBEN planet. It was similar in many regards to the Steven Spielberg Film, First Encounters of the third kind only it took place at Area 51.

Around ten years later eight returned to tell about their experiences. There used to be a video of a high ranking Air Force General welcoming them home which could well still be found on the internet. It appeared to be authentic and probably was since drawing attention to something that was alleged to have never happened makes zero sense. Subsequently a source named "Anonymous" released information that gave a summary of their experiences. The leaking of this information became the source of Kaston's book, Secret Journey to the Planet Serpo. Also released in the dump by Anonymous, and perhaps of even greater import, is Appendix 12 entitled, a Framework for Public Acclimation. In this appendix, written in bureaucratese, are twelve short declarations revealing essentially what has been learned about extraterrestrials.

Before continuing allow me to say again, that the presence of Extraterrestrials and the back engineering of crash artifacts is the most closely guarded secret of our lifetimes. It dwarfs the Manhattan Project, and every tool of the intelligence services has been brought to bear to keep it under wraps. It has succeeded, where the Atomic Bomb secret failed, because it was removed from government oversight and compartmentalized. Only a very select few were shown the broader context and all those who actually worked on the back engineering, never got to see more than a snippet. Despite this, bits and pieces leaked out from time to time and when they did the three letter agencies were all over it.

Now this begs the question why? Is it greed? Is it the military's desire to be the first to exploit the new technology? Suffice it to say the answer is probably a good dose of both. But could it be more? For example were we delivered an ultimatum to get our act together? Could the EBANs have warned us that the Universe is a deadly place? Could it be that an evolving world, once it acquires nuclear capability, or breaks the confines of planetary gravity faces some sort of test in order to join the galaxy. Could it be that if we fail to measure up the human race faces destruction?

On one hand I rile that the most incredible event in human history has been withheld and on the other have to ask myself if there was some valid reason. I hope that when this all comes out one day we'll see that Big Brother was justified... that the self appointed Elites have good cause for keeping this monumental event from the eyes of the public. However, I'm skeptical. The more likely scenario is that the coverup is orchestrated by the same power hungry reprobates who've managed human affairs since the dawn of mankind.
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