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A pet's deserving tribute.

A small shadowy face appears at the door,
Ernest green eyes silently implore
"Can I come I?"
From the rest, a smaller shadow detaches,
Silently padding, communicating in snatches
Of joyful chirruping.
What the noises say I don't understand.
But from the slow-blink and the nudges of my hand
I know their meaning
With your vulnerability driven feline pride
You'll only sit with me side by side,
But leaning into me.

On your side is the white lightning scar,
A stark reminder of your fight with a car
That led you to us.
Seeking the safety of the dark behind chairs
And struggled stubbornly to navigate stairs,
You limped into our home.
Now that you body and trust have healed
The sudden hole has been re-filled:
A part of the family.
Our constant companion, always there,
You'll always have our sofa and laps to share,
The Lady of the House.


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