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A list of good things that have come out about the COVID-19 lockdowns.
This was a social media post I created that generated a lot of discussions, mostly good. One of the reasons I created the post was because there is an interesting concept called “negativity bias.” It suggests we give much more weight or attention to negative news than good news and it has been estimated that it takes about 4 good incidences to overcome one bad one. Interesting.

I’ve added ten more items to my original list. Here it is.

• Telemedicine, which has been around for more than a decade, got a huge boost in usage and will finally be more accepted
• There have been very few deaths from traffic accidents
• Newsy ran a story about bicycles across the country having mostly sold out, presumably to avoid using public transportation and for exercise
• The price of oil/gasoline plummeted due to the oversupply
• People are eating more, presumably healthier, home-cooked meals
• Interest rates are at record lows
• Numerous local groups and national organizations have instituted community Wellness Checks
• There are some very cheap stocks to be had
• Many families have been able to enjoy more family time that they otherwise would have
• So far, over 99% of the people who contracted the COVID-19 virus have recovered, a far higher percentage than the MERS, SARS or Ebola viruses
• Various acts of kindness for both friends and strangers abound (social capital)
• Employers will be more open to remote work and work from home options will be more available
• Dolphins appear to be thriving in the Sardinian city of Cagliari
• Governments will be much better prepared to handle future pandemics
• Air pollution has plummeted with carbon dioxide emissions down by up to 30% in quarantined metro areas
• The waters and canals in and around Venice, Italy are visibly clearer in the absence of boat traffic and tourists
• A BBC story covered how the lockdown has been good for wildlife species of all kinds
• Communities everywhere are coming together to help neighbors with acts of kindness
• The AARP and many local organizations are providing ongoing wellness checks for the elderly and others
• There appears to be a newfound appreciation and respect for lower-wage workers
• Ditto for front-line healthcare professionals
• Ditto supply chain workers
• Talking about supply chains, while resilient, we did discover weaknesses that need to be corrected
• Of course, family connection times have increased in locked down areas
• There has been a significant drop in traffic accidents
• Parents are getting a better understanding of what teachers go through dealing with their children
• Garages, kitchen pantries and drawers everywhere have been purged and reorganized
• Churches, temples and synagogues have learned how to stream their services and events. (My parish offered drive-up blessings recently)
• K-12 schools and other educational institutions had an opportunity to evaluate their infrastructure and connectivity needs and shortcomings in real time
• Many families are eating healthier home0cooked meals more often
• The timeline for vaccine research has been greatly accelerated
• Grocery stores are offering dedicated shopping hours for seniors and the disabled
• People, especially many parents, have become more tech-savvy
• Oil/gasoline prices have plummeted (I know it’s a double-edged sword)
• Connectivity shortcomings and digital divide issues were uncovered
• Many people have developed (or reignited) a higher level of mindfulness and self-awareness
• More people have taken up breathing exercises and meditation to lower stress and anxiety

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