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Flash Fiction 5-23-20 W/C 299

Mary chose the star tattoo. It was her birthday, eighteen finally.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Jane sat beside her.

Mary had a big smile. “Of course. I’ve been waiting for years.”

“I’ve heard it hurts. Bad.” Jane leafed through the choices in a ringed notebook. Simple designs like stars and hearts to half arm tattoos and then choices that filled a person’s back. She shuddered and closed the notebook.

“Just while they’re doing it. I read about it on the internet.” Mary pointed to her ring finger. “I want a little star right here. How bad can that hurt?”

They waited at least an hour. Who knew there would be a line for tattoos on a Monday night? Suddenly it was Mary’s turn.

“Alrighty, what’ll be? Li’l kitty on the bum? Smiley face on the wrist?” The tattooed man with the bad teeth tried to flirt as he shepherded them to the reclining seat. The needles and ink stood by on a table.

Mary and Jane stood in their matching jeans and t-shirts. Even their haircuts matched.

“Who’s the lucky lady? Or are you both getting matching tats? Maybe your names so the guys can tell you apart?” Tattooed man chuckled at his little joke.

Mary and Jane frowned just a little, grabbed hands.

“Whatever. So who’s the brave chickie babe to go first? I don’t have all night. There’s a line, ladies, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“I think we’ll be leaving. Thanks anyways,” Jane said. And with that, they hurried out of the tattoo parlor.

On the way home, Mary said “I still want a tattoo.” She pointed to her finger.

“I think a black sharpie could do an okay job. No pain.”

“You’re a nut, Jane.”

“And still your permanent friend.”

W/C 299

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