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Ruby, something happens, the end.

The green grass on her lawn had withered forming a dark path leading to her doorstep. That was the first sign of his arrival.
Nothing much happened after that. Yet, Ruby's emotional health was a disaster. She was deteriorating inside, everyone around her oblivious to her problems. After all, no one cared anyway.

Ruby couldn't sleep that night but she seldom had a good night's sleep. Ruby lay in bed, motionless. Suffering from sleep paralysis wasn't the best feeling ever. Some nights brought her sleep, others nightmares.

Ruby woke up earlier than the sun. In place of a door made of wood, she found a pile of ash. Paralysis took her and fear crept into her system. She froze, cold dread spreading from her head to her toes.

The sound of shattering glass forced her to turn around. An all too familiar face replaced the fear with frustration. She had the combined adrenaline of three hundred athletes, and all she wanted to do know was to stab him.

"Please, I can explain. Ruby, give me a chance."

"A chance? How about you give me a reason to close my eyes at night?"

He stood silent. Feuer didn't speak much anyway. He just took lives, like he took the lives of everyone Ruby cared about. He knew she had no reason to give him a chance, but he hoped. It wasn't his fault he burst out every time he was frustrated. He still held on to hope, as foolish as it was, but he needed to fix things. The guilt took control of his mind and he fell into a prison of his own making. Something told him he wouldn't get out until he cleaned up his mess. A chance was all he needed. A chance was all he would get.
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