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by n.lea
Rated: E · Poetry · Adult · #2222940
poem. On coping with heart breaking changes
You know when i feel it the most?
At night, when silence settles in.
The noises of the day finding their resting nests.
That's when the reality of my new normal wakes.
In the darkness like a childhood monster under my bed,
Loneliness comes to court my heart.
It lies and tries to hide inside my thoughts.
The very ones i question over and over again.
And im afraid to reach out a hand
(Feeling all the more the begger on the corner)
Looking for a little help to pull me up.
Finally my eyes close in prayer.
For the healing of my soul and my heart
And thanks for the multitude of hands
Reaching in to pull me out and hand me the monster repelling flashlights
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