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Writer's Cramp Prompt-Making a New Recipe
There is one recipe I cannot master. No matter how many times I try, it doesn't come out right. Even though I'm tempted to give up, I don't. I'm still working on it and this is my 51st year of trying to get the ingredients right.

In August of 1969, I attended my wedding shower. I received the usual homemaking gifts all of them but one, long forgotten. The last gift I unwrapped did not have a card or name tag. Inside were two potholders and a recipe card. The older women started laughing before I unwrapped my present. I read the card and when I picked up the holders the laughter grew louder.

One potholder was boxer shorts the other an apron clad square. I didn't get the joke and attempted to make my thank you speech. The women were acting downright silly and between gales of laughter they said, "You're not done, look inside the potholders!" I raised the apron and felt the heat rise from my neck. By now the women had lost control. Some bent over with laughter, others leaned back in their chairs their feet hovering in the air. Flustered, I looked inside the boxer shorts and felt the heat climbing my neck again. My thank you speech forgotten, I stood and said, "Thank you, I guess."

The card contained the following recipe.

Recipe For A Happy Marriage:

3 cups of Consideration
1 cup of Forgiveness
1 cup of Tenderness
1 Pint of Faith
1 Pint of Trust
1 Cup of Hope
1 Cup of Patience
1 Cup of Laughter

Measure ingredients in a bowl, blend well.
Add LOVE without measure

Oven Setting: 350 degrees
Cook Setting: Flame of Passion
Serve: Daily

I think the older, wiser, women knew there would be many cooking failures for me, because I didn't cook. And they knew something I didn't know - the message the potholders conveyed "that a happy marriage is more than cooking."

Most days, I don't even come close to this recipe . Either ingredients are omitted or I decide to make substitutions thinking it would be better.

During the first year of my marriage, I found out that the gift wasn't from one woman. At that time women met for clubs, quilting and just to visit. I can picture them now hatching up the shower gift for the young girl who didn't know anything about marriage or housekeeping.

All of these ladies have passed on. Their recipe remains and so does their potholders.

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