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Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2222975
Poem about stormy sadness
It starts as a drizzle

Gains strength with every tear

Then turns to a flood

Fueled by my fear

It can't rain forever...

It’ll come to a halt...

But after what’s done?

And who is at fault?

Is it I?

The dam

Who broke under pressure

After collecting the droplets

And keeping them prisoner

Or you?

The clouds

Who just kept persisting

Raining down, releasing problems

Without reconsidering

Water rushes overland

Mad from being held captive

Joined by a torrent

From the clouds

As the angels in heaven

Release rage and sorrow

For the things we do on this earth

And the punishment begins

Water is essential to life

But this is not water

This is rage

This is fury

This is violence

This is a flood

These are not tears

These are drops of pure sadness

These are anxiety and stress

Rolling down my face

These are pieces of my heart

Broken up and melted down

The flood rips up trees

Tears them from their home in the ground

Cracks them in half

The splintering can be heard from miles

The trees scream for rescue

There is none

The flood crashes down on buildings

Rips roofs from houses

Drowns flowers

Runs through streets

People are taken from their feet

Stolen from their lives

Taken far from their former place

The people scream for rescue

There is none

The flood destroys

The rain pelts down, feuling the raging mass

But the water must stop eventually

The tears must dry

The clouds must move out

The taken is given back

Life returned to earth

After all

It can't rain forever
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