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Inspired With Thought.
Blue bell 🔔 slippers on your feet,
The nicest slippers on the street.
It's so sweet, the sound they make,
You sang a song, you made the mark,
You hit the note 📝 good and strong.

Silent whispers spread around,
Reputation's harmed, whispers heard,
Makes no difference that they're wrong,
Chances are they believe it's true.

Bluebirds singing in a tree,
Sitting as pretty as can be.
Harmonies are so in sync,
It makes you want to join right in.

The crows will caw without a flaw,
It's their nature, what can I say.
Their commotion strikes a nerve,
It's what they do, it's not their fault.

Songbirds sing their special song,
They sing it well, they're so in tune,
They're feeling fine, they're doing swell,
They're so happy, you can tell.

The sky is blue, it's very clear,
Spring is here, it brings good cheer.
It's nice to say, I love you dear,
Hold on tight, the time is right.

Savor the moments in your mind,
Your good thoughts 💭 will lift us up.
Your kindness counts on this day,
It's important for us to hear.

It's not okay to be mean,
Transpire goodness, that's the key.
Baby please believe in me,
It's not that hard, the truth was told.

Blue Bell slippers walk with ease,
Perfected steps will soon prevail,
You'll be happier than you know,
Show respect, it makes things right.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
May 30, 2020
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