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Writer's Cramp
"Have you got everything ready for tomorrow?" Kate asked down the phone.

"What's happening tomorrow?" Loraine was losing it since lockdown.

"The kids are going back to school. You must have heard. They've been saying it for weeks now."

"I don't watch any of the virus stuff. It frightens me too much."

"Lor, you gotta keep on top of this stuff. They want all the kids in reception, year one and year six to go back tomorrow. You must have had an email from the school."

"I haven't got email any more. That was the first thing to go when Jamie was furloughed."

"Well, anyway, if you get the kids ready I'll drop them to school in the morning."

"But I didn't expect them to be going back for months yet."

"What difference does it make?"

"Well, you know what sticklers the school are for uniform."


"The kids grow so fast you know."


"I ordered some stuff on the internet."

"Yes ..."

"It hasn't come yet. The only things they've got to wear are their onesies."

"Oh, I see."

"If you don't mind giving a lift to a monkey and a gorilla ..."

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