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by Alex
Rated: E · Prose · Young Adult · #2223714
I don't wanna fall in love with the idea of him
I'm not sure I know what love is
I probably don't
But I do feel something
And if it's love
Towards him
I don't want it
I don't want to lose something I just got
But I'm afraid of myself
I don't want him to hate me
I don't want him to think . . .
To think I'm trying something
To think I'm trying anything
But if I had to describe love
It might be this
Since we were kids
It's always been the same feeling
With him
I haven't felt like this
With anyone else
It's happened in bursts
When I was with anyone else
But I've never felt it being away from them
But now I do
And I don't know what it is
But I pray that it's not love . . .
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