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The title just came to me about a certain kind of waterfall, then I began to write.
In the water goes the otters,
Full of zest with lots of daughters.
With a zeal that's anticipated to be real,
A symmetrical waterfall is at its growth.

Glistening sounds will come around,
When both ears hear a nice new sound.
Shaped to perfection, a symmetrical waterfall
Comes down the hill in a directional path,
Leading to a mysteriousness of wonder.

Gloriously tumbling down 👇 in a majestic form of grandeur,
It never ceases in getting my attention; it's insurmountable
Height is worth mentioning; it's crystal clear that it's
Refreshingly viewed as the most amazing waterfall ever.

Faithfully, wishes will come true beneath the waterfall, when you're
Frolicking around looking for golden coins. If you only believe, then,
Perhaps your youthfulness will once again appear. Miracles have
Happened at this waterfall.

Unexplainable to the human beings of this modern world, if you orchestrate your
Thought patterns, they will envision explicable demonstrations in order to exemplify
an existence of purity.

The transformation that exuberantly launches yourself into orbit, an orderly account
Of managing the lighthearted experience is a foolproof way of achieving a spectacular
Universe 🌌 of graciousness.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Saturday, June 6, 2020

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