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Minneapolis has no idea how to fix the mess they created for themselves
One of the results of all the civil unrest is a dawning appreciation for the importance of Law and Order. The framework of our society rests upon the rule of law. How often have we heard in recent weeks, it's fine to protest, however rioting and looting are not to be tolerated. These are the acts of criminals and criminals prey on everyone.

So how to fix it? In most cities things will return to normal, however, in Minneapolis the current thinking is to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This will insure things get worse rather than better. The people who live there can anticipate a downward trend of cause and effect that spirals more and more out of control.

As bad as the Minneapolis Police Department was, it did maintain enough law and order for the city to function. Without law and order there's chaos. The Police Department is supposedly going to be replaced with a new "Community Based Social Model," whatever that means. While incompetent local officials try and figure that one out, a void will open for the criminals, who'll become more and more emboldened to take advantage of the situation. As the law crumbles and the courts become ineffective, there will come a new form of law. It's called the "law of the jungle." Recourse to this form of maintaining order, will become a huge step down for most of those residing in the metropolitan area. Public services will deteriorate and the distribution chain will begin to show increasing strain and signs of wear. When trucks can no longer safely enter and operate within the city, conditions will really begin to suffer. Citizens who have no choice but remain will have to find other means for safeguarding their homes and businesses. Many will pack up and move elsewhere. These will be core infrastructure workers, taxpayers, the metropolitan area can least afford to lose, young men and women with essential and marketable skills who still have the opportunity to start over, somewhere else. Those remaining will be the most vulnerable and will suffer the most from the lawlessness. Financial and distribution systems will deteriorate and public services will compete for dwindling resources.

Eventually the problem will get so bad that drastic measures will be welcomed to stop the hemorrhaging. These will be DRACONIAN and make the perceived excess of past law enforcement seem mild by comparison.

In the midst of all this the Democrats are jumping up and down and clapping their hands with glee. They're slapping each other on the back and exclaiming, "If this doesn't stop Trump, nothing will. The public is finally waking up to what a bad president he is." They look to FAKE NEWS polls that show Biden leading in 2020 and cry out, "There is a God after all."

What they fail to realize is the looming backlash that will follow all the looting and rioting. It's the Democratic bastions of power that are burning, and Americans are watching. What they're seeing is the results of decades of Democratic corruption, mismanagement and incompetence and what the liberals are offering is a bill of goods, that every day Americans, the real stakeholders in this country, want no part of.
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