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An ode to ocean shores (2020 Quill Award nominee)

         Chilled ankles deep in gliding waves
         on misty morning walks,
         we edge the surf with slip-slide strides
         and clamber over rocks.

         A smiling seal bobs playfully;
         she rides the ocean swell
         and wonders as these white-legged apes
         encroach on Neptune’s realm.

         Here razor clams spout randomly
         ‘twixt dollars scattered wide,
         and crabs no longer living
         roll empty in the tide.

         When rising waters rush the dunes
         we make a quick retreat,
         and shark-attack the cooler chest
         to feast on luncheon meat.

         Full satisfied in mid-day warmth
         with toes no longer numb,
         a siren breeze and lulling waves
         sing nap-time in the sun.

         A salty, tangy, smell of kelp
         slips soft across the bay,
         and tickles through the noses of
         sun bathers as they laze.

         From dozes on our gritty towels
         we wake to shrilling cries,
         brown pelicans and gangs of gulls
         compete for soggy fries.

         An unleashed Lab abounds with joy
         where Frisbee discs set sail.
         He crashes castles built of sand
         and scatters plastic pails.

         The streaming tails of wind-blown kites
         frame blazing azure skies,
         where patient osprey soar in wait
         for salmon on the rise.

         A tannin-tinted river flows
         ‘neath overhanging trees,
         and wrestles with the tidal bore
         to win its briny ease.

         The driftwood blazes cheerfully,
         an evening weenie roast,
         with children begging just one s'more
         while parents drink a toast.

         We shake out shoes and peel wet suits,
         red-cheeked from wind and sun.
         Then shower off and fall in bed
         exhausted by the fun.

           Terrence G. Fisher 2020

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