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Sometimes you just want to get away. (2020 Quill Award nominee)
           Crazy Love

         Jack slipped into depression when he said goodbye to Hope,
         sinking slowly down an empty void of boozing, sex, and dope.

         Ruled non compos mentis, poor Jack must face his fate,
         locked away for his own good and hosted by the state.

         The rehab ward is co-ed where Jack met sweet Diane,
         a free and fragile spirit who was hoping for a man.

         She offered easy loving in exchange for some attention,
         so Jack took all she had to give without long-term intention.

         Diane revealed disturbing quirks to make a sane man wince,
         she played a Cinderella game with Jack her charming prince.

         True love comes never easy and it hasn’t happened yet,
         “I’m stuck here with a crazy broad,” Jack sighs with deep regret.

         There’s a moral to his story and Jack expressed it thus:
         “Don’t make love in looney bins, ‘cuz that’s just fuckin’ nuts!”

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