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Always on the run, always trying to hide, my life was a horrible one, where my parents never liked me. over the years, I had cut a lot of ties to my past, other than my one friend who stuck by me no matter what, Alice. she was a very intelligent 22-year-old who had a gentle face and a small scar on her lips from an incident 3 years ago, where her and I were kidnapped. we managed to escape, but not without damage done to ourselves and our pride.

I was an outcast, relying on others to help me. I had a fight with my one other friend, which would have been unfortunate in most situations, but the thing about it was, I wasn't the guy to get normal connections. My friend was, unfortunately for me, the right hand of the biggest gang out on the streets. I owed thousands of dollars to them, and I was on the side of the population that had very little money. I very well had nothing to live for other than my friend. she had been depressed for a month since his brother died, and when I heard she was going to commit, I had no other choice...

I slowly climbed to the top of the bridge, and I could see and separate both the citizens and the people from the gang. I could see my one and only friend I had left climbing up.

I slowly shuffled to the edge and held my breath as I tripped over the edge, steeling myself to the pain. I grabbed Alice and threw them back up, but it was too late for me.

Except there was nothing.

Not even the splash of the water reached my ears, and as far as I could tell, I was dead. But then I opened my eyes and saw something I never thought I would see.

I was deific, in a world of my own.

part 1 -- the other

The moment I opened my eyes, I could tell.

Everything around me was different, as well as myself. It was strange to look in the TV screen and see a different me! It seemed to be that I had aged 15-25 years, and I seemed translucent.

The room itself was a small, merged living room and kitchen, with a basement and a bedroom. It was around the size of an average apartment, with wind flowing through the chimney.

I heard a loud creak of the floorboards and walked over to investigate. I opened the bedroom door and saw a younger woman, around 13 years of age. She seemed to not notice my entrance, bewildered of her surroundings. she seemed familiar, but my memories of people were hazy.

She started walking out of the room, and I blocked the door, yet she still walked straight through me as if I did not exist. I called out, but there was no response, yet I felt like someone could hear me. Somehow, I could hear the faintest of whispers and the lightest of thoughts.

[this is not where you belong. This world should have been gone long ago. It is too late. The old ‘god’ has gone, and he puts a pathetic human like you in his place? You should just give up.]

Suddenly, the world went dark.

[this world is already dead. What about yours?]

A small lens opened in midair, flashing scenes of the world coming undone. But what they didn’t know, is that I couldn’t care less.

part 2 -- the amulet

I woke up on the bed, with the woman at my side. I seemed to not be translucent anymore, and I was not spectral.

I had a small headache, but it was very minor. the memories closest to my arrival were a tad bit clearer, but I still couldn't tell who anyone was. there was only one name I could remember.


my headache worsened, but then stopped completely. I fully opened my eyes, starting to get up from the bed. I looked up at the woman, and she got up and stepped away. I started up, and started talking

"where are we?"


"is there anyone else?"


"... are you Alice?"

the voice spoke up.

[she is Alice.]

she did not even seem alive, for not even a breath escaped her mouth now, and she would only move if told.

I saw a small glimmer in the living room, and when slowly walking towards it, I saw that it was a key. I picked it up and saw the basement was the only locked door.

I grabbed Alice and headed to the basement. I opened it, and after a small staircase there was a seemingly infinite room, with a small gem on a pedestal.

I picked the gem up. nothing. but when Alice tried, the whole room lit up, and I could hear her breathing. she backed up slowly.

she was alive!
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