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Free rambling verse to a photo of a garden path
You dreamed this path

You dreamed this path:
trim, well-tended, gently curved
swept clean of twigs,
spent blossoms, weeds,
ugliness and pain;

but you couldn't keep
the blooms in bounds
when once you looked away
nor me as I strayed
to smell that one weed
you forgot to pull.

It looked a bit like me,
neglected, sad
among that overwhelming beauty,
yet there it rooted
even bloomed
if only just for me.

This was the path
you chose for me
the one I forsook
to find my way
among those weeds
and thorny friends
whose ugliness and pain
became the mirror
in which I could be
myself, a me,
that you could never see.

© Kåre Enga [177.27] (10.april.2020)

28 lines

Originally for My Word Contest (now defunct) in my poetry blog entry: "You dreamed this path

Honorable mention in Shadows and Light: Merit Badge in Shadows and Light
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