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If you delve deep into the Rabbit Hole, there's truth that God is not just Mumbo-Jumbo
A Truth that Lurks Down the Psychic Rabbit Hole

In yesterday's blog I said I would "pray" on the question of whether or not humans have a "Bio-modem" which can connect to some sort of amorphous "Cosmic Repository" like our present day computers can with the internet or a CLOUD. It was a "tongue in cheek" comment that I hope my readers picked up on because that is exactly what worshipers throughout history have done in praying to their Gods. We are taught that God likes us to pray and listens to what we have to say and even answers and acts, providing what we pray for is in our best interests. So if you believe in a God you should have no trouble accepting the principle of a bio-modem and Cosmic Repository. In a secular sense, scientists would tell you this is a bunch of baloney

In Rule #4, an earlier blog a couple of days back I wrote:

This construct we refer to as GOD created life in all its infinite diversity. He chose a "Protoplasmic" medium to work with. This medium is many times more complex and sophisticated than our human Electro-Mechanical technology. If humans can achieve a creation that has the ability to access a CLOUD does it not stand to reason that GOD understood how to make the same process work biologically? Would she not have included it in her human life form and made it available for use? Perhaps she did and we just don't realize it.

Does not prayer suggest the presence of this medium? However it isn't only prayer that points to its existence. Other fields such as Psycho-Cybernetics, Lucid Dreaming, Psychic Studies, The Mysteries, and Remote Viewing all give a whiff of smoke that suggest there might be some fire underneath. It could be that the Anunnaki knew how to switch it on and off. If you believe Sitchin's translations, something along those lines happened with Adam and Even and later at the Tower of Babel. Maybe there's some elemental truth hidden deep down that rabbit hole.

Sometimes when I struggle with understanding something the answer "dawns" on me at some later time. Sometimes my dreams get me to thinking about things I otherwise would have never considered. Sometimes I write poetry or articles that might appear unremarkable to my readers but are most astonishing to me. I often remark to myself, WOW! where did that come from? Sometimes I feel compelled to write about things I have little personal interest in. Sometimes I feel compelled to do things that I know are counter intuitive to my best interests. The list goes on and on and I'm sure you could all provide other examples from your own experience. Life is not all it its cracked up to be, despite all the things we are commonly led to believe. Science is great, skepticism is great, but in the end the value of a gut hunch might outweigh many of the things we wrongly take for granted.
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