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Days of Future Past (198 words = 251-53)
Call me Morning Glory. Actually... don't call.

It's been a rough night, too much dancing and now my neck is stiff.

Ah, the madrugada, that quiet time before the dawn. I usually go to bed early and get up by now. It's the only time I have all to myself.

My boyfriend moved out this past weekend. I was down in the dumps on Saturday. But... Oh, what a Monday! Oh, what a night!

I've never seen so many stars twirling around the dance floor.

I wish the spinning would stop.

I should go to bed but I'm wide awake and now I should hurry to get things done before the dawn, before the city awakes.

I wind my way home and up the steps. I hold on as if I have tendrils.

I pause and turn around. A brief interlude. A quiet solitude.

Ah, that moment before dawn when the nightingale still sings.

Now I see a faint glow below the horizon and I hear a lark. And Monday seems like a dream, bitter-sweet or not. The pinprick holes in the sky seem brighter somehow and the sky is turning pink.

Call me Morning Glory.

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[A] "The Day Begins"
[B] "Morning Glory" "Morning Glory [B]
[C] "Dawn: Dawn Is a Feeling" ""Dawn is a feeling" [C]
[D] "The Morning: Another Morning" "Another Morning [D]
[E] "Lunch Break: Peak Hour" "Lunch Break: Peak Hour [E]
[F] "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)" "Tuesday Afternoon [F]
[G] "(Evening) Time to Get Away" "Evening, Time to Get Away [G]
[H] "The Sunset" "The Sunset [H]
[I] "Twilight Time" "Twilight Time [I]
[J] "Nights in White Satin" "Nights in White Satin [J]
[K] "Late Lament / Resolvement" "Late Lament [K] (Can be part of J)

Days of Future Past  (18+)
Moody Blues
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