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Days of future past (183 words 350-167)
So I cried all day Sunday. Then came a day-off Monday.

It was breezy Monday morning . Perfect kite flying day away from the toils and electrical wires of the city. So mild with powder-puffs floating in a pale blue sky. Too much like a painting. Too idyllic. I almost felt like a child again ... almost.

But that was yesterday before my wild night out. My neck still aches. Time for a hot towel and another Tylenol. This too shall pass my father always told every time I got into trouble. I wish he were here to tell me once more.

Ouch, that hurt. Now my leg feels sore.

I put music on to motivate me. Something with a beat to keep me vertical. I have no toys to play with; no friends to call. Everyone works; they've left childhood behind. And here I am working from home today, sunshine beaming in, begging me to come out and play. I close the blinds. I have a great view of the city and the water that divides it in two; but, today my eyes ...

Words below this line: 167

[Instrumental Orchestra intro]

Balloons flying, children sighing
What a day to go kite flying
Breeze's cool, away from school
Cowboys fighting out a duel

Time seems to stand quite still
In a child's world it always will

Fishes biting, so exciting
Lunchtime sounds so inviting
Angler Bill, he gets a thrill
Sitting, watching bobbing quill

Time seems to stand quite still
In a child's world it always will

Yesterday's dreams are tomorrow's sighs
Watch children play, they seem so wise

Mary Green, today's a queen
While thousand dollies are a dreaming
Cotton frocks and golden locks
Her palace is an orange box

Time seems to stand quite still
In a child's world it always will

[A] "The Day Begins" ""The Day Begins" [A]
[B] "Morning Glory" "Morning Glory [B]
[C] "Dawn: Dawn Is a Feeling" ""Dawn is a feeling" [C]
[D] "The Morning: Another Morning"
[E] "Lunch Break: Peak Hour" "Lunch Break: Peak Hour [E]
[F] "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)" "Tuesday Afternoon [F]
[G] "(Evening) Time to Get Away" "Evening, Time to Get Away [G]
[H] "The Sunset" "The Sunset [H]
[I] "Twilight Time" "Twilight Time [I]
[J] "Nights in White Satin" "Nights in White Satin [J]
[K] "Late Lament / Resolvement" "Late Lament [K] (Can be part of J)

Days of Future Past  (18+)
Moody Blues
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