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Days of Future Past (118 words = 310-192)
For some the day's begun when the sun has set. My Jewish friends have always reminded me of that. I watch the bright orb wane as my foreign friends chat on-line about their stormy morning. I smile in response, the dying light caressing my face. It's peachy tonight as the haze lifts.

One by one the stars appear. I could swear they were the same ones I saw last night... what I remember of last night. Frat-boy kept crooning about forever, living forever. In that Brioni suit he could probably afford to! He looked like he was 20 although he said was older. I was flattered. My boyfriend always loved to point out my grey hairs when he found one. But ... to be forever young? And give up the wisdom of my old age? I laugh at the notion.

Now shadows have faded and Venus has appeared. A crescent Moon hangs in the firmament tonight.

Words below this line: 192

"The Sun Set"

When the sun goes down, and the clouds all frown
Night has begun for the sunset
See it with your eyes, Earth's re-energized
By the sun's rays everyday
Take a look out there, planets everywhere

When the sun goes down, and the clouds all frown
Night has begun for the sunset
Shadows on the ground, never make a sound
Fading away in the sunset
Night has now become day for everyone

I can see it all, from this great height
I can feel the sun, slipping out of sight
And the world still goes on, through the night

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Days of Future Past  (18+)
Moody Blues
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