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Days of Future Past (182 words = 374-192)
A celestial dance begins as the eternal swirl of stars commences and I hear a nightingale's melody wafting from the park across the way. I want to dance like last night in the arms of a million young admirers... or maybe just one... dressed in white.

I daydreamed a lot as a child. The clouds were bunnies and the pines were hunting them. Or the oaks were Ents ready to protect their orchards from children who wanted to sneak in and grab an apple. My best friend and I would pretend we were elves or orcs and that we would run away on the next ship sailing. I still dream of him.

He's been on my mind all day.

My neck doesn't hurt. I checked. The hickey is already fading except for a small scratch. The trickle of blood has finally clotted. I feel more awake than I have all week.

If my childhood friend were here we'd build castles by the sky's last light, climb to the top and soar like bats.

I whisper in the quiet, come with me.

Words below this line: 192

"Twilight Time"

Twilight time, to dream awhile
Unveils a deepening blue
As fantasy strides, over colourfull skies
The form disappearing from view

In twilight time, dream with me awhile

A nightingale plays a dark mellow phrase
Of notes that are rich and so true
An aerial display by the firefly brigade
Dancing to tunes no one knew

In twilight time, dream with me awhile
In twilight time, dream with me awhile

Building castles in the air
Whistling to the wind
As nature bows down her head
See what tomorrow brings

In twilight time, dream with me awhile

Bats take to wing like puppets on string
Prancing through cool evening air
In a sightless glide, no reason to hide

From the ray of the sun's blinding stare

In twilight time, dream with me awhile
In twilight time, dream with me awhile

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Days of Future Past  (18+)
Moody Blues
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