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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2224738
A woman buys a bracelet that creates a very unexpected meeting... in the past.
“Okay, here is what happened. Or, at least, what I think happened. I know you’re not going to believe me. I’m not even sure I believe it. So, I’ll tell you everything. From the beginning.

“Last Saturday, I spent my day trolling through the various yard sales in Arlington. There wasn’t really a whole lot to buy but I did see a few undiscovered treasures. There were a couple of really cute ceramic teapots that could have passed for Limoges, some well-preserved leather-bound books, and even some lovely costume jewelry. Did I tell you I have a weakness for anything that resembles the pop fashions of the Sixties.

“And, there it was. It was the most beautiful pearl bracelet I had ever come in contact with. Three strands lined up next to each other with corresponding imitation onyx in sizes that fit with the pearls. Like a jigsaw puzzle. It reminded me of something I saw in a picture of my Aunt Lucy when she used to live in New York. If I remember correctly she tried to make it as a fashion model but things didn’t turn out as she planned. Whatever that meant. Maybe, she just had a hard time competing with the really professional models there.

“Anyway, I had to have that bracelet. It felt like it was calling to me. The lady running the sale even let me try it on first. Oh, I swear my heart skipped a beat just by wearing it. I got a little dizzy standing there looking at it on my wrist. And, it was only five dollars. So, yeah, I paid for an elegant looking cheap piece of tat. Big deal. It was pretty and I deserve a little pretty once in a while.

“And, I knew just the time to wear it. I had been invited to this art gallery event honoring Andy Warhol. It would go perfectly with this little black dress that looked like Audrey Hepburn’s in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ that I found at a vintage thrift store.

“So, anyway, I’m all dressed for a fancy do. I’m coiffed, polished, and completely put together. Complete with my brand new bracelet. When I left my apartment and walked down the stairs to the lobby, everything appeared to be normal. But, for some reason, when I got to the lobby it looked different than it did earlier in the day.

“The beige carpet was now an orange shag number. The wooden chairs became these huge, stuffed yellow vinyl chairs. It was like I really did walk into the Sixties. I had no idea what was going on. And, then, I saw her. Aunt Lucy. When she was twenty years old. Can you believe it? Can I? But, there she was looking like she did in the photograph I mentioned.

“I was speechless. I couldn’t say a word. She did though. She walked up to me, touched her belly, and said ‘Happy Birthday, Darling’.”
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2224738-An-Unexpected-Meeting