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by fred42
Rated: E · Poetry · Political · #2224863
Pandemonium Poetry
Lions Led By Donkeys.

There’s an answer to be found where my ancients' broken out
Only taking things for granted the mojo comes to me
Lying safe within a station every website cultures doubt
We're being driven crazy to believe in all we see

The dream to follow isn’t fertile you’d have to explain yourself for years
The truth is buried under most calumny, lies and smears
They’re all so very careful not to Rigjam my ears
That kind of pressure only ends up in tears

The radio has vanished sentimental efforts to redeem it’s bragging rights
Imagining you’re oh so continental you play at only Staying up at nights

A room where Cooper’s Barrel's buoyant safely , as he realises everythings up for grabs
After that she’s up the stairs come what maybe, as poetry speaks it’s truth in different garbs

Oh! to think I might have missed it, for the fast-unfolding scandal
Operating in the hinterland still may not make it right
While cold,, very old in America, the vandals
Operate out front where they must reclaim the night

Not enough , they scream , all alive and so tendentious
Not enough here to ever repair a broken dream
The power and the glory that resides in rags and britches
Will follow them forever if you know what I mean

We can’t go on like this you say it’s pressure piling up
Exchanging weird for normal , the words hold different sway
Nothing lasts for ever, we know about the changes
We know a time will come , someone will have to pay

Batten Down The Hatches Boys! They only come at night
The Revenant gets mystified ,he’s lost in some old dream
We don’t know if he’ll make it out alive, yes he might
But we’re not going to stick around to listen to him scream

Pressure piling up my lads, horizon's fading fast
We cannot let a single note escape the melody
As those who repeat what they have forgotten from the past
It stands out so clearly for we who have eyes to see.

We are all Lions , all Led by Donkeys
Swallowing the laughable lies we are sold
While the punkshow punks don't give a monkey's
Don't you think it's gone time we broke the mould?
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