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<300 words "the sun is coming up".
He cannot interfere. This will be his curse. To be able to travel the universe. Never able to change it.

A time-traveler warned him. It was this moment that birthed him, this memory stored deep within his cells that brought him here.

He sees a room, a window, a sofa. A woman cries. Blood trickles. She passes out.

She will survive to pass on her genes to a daughter who will become a great artist, now forgotten. Her great-grandson will grow up to be a villain whose name instilled nightmares in young children.

Scientists will uncover her condition, a mixture of genes and who-knows what. It will be passed down for generations.

They will name it: brilliance.

Afflicted, some will call it madness and hide it behind walls of tears. Others will embrace, even flaunt it. A few will use it to make life better for millions.

One man will discover a way to feed billions; but his daughter's-daughter will use it as a weapon to demand obedience and fear.

He has known his lineage for years. He knows he can't escape it. But his innards demand he explore its limits. He wants to ride the photons to whatever end awaits him. They will not allow him into the future if he cannot face his past.

On the sofa a woman he never knew sleeps arm stretched out towards a window and fading stars where, scrawled as if across the sky, he reads: how does one forgive oneself.

He knows this darkness well. He guards his internal source of light in defiance.

A flashing beep startles him. He looks at the stardate. A new year has begun.

Tomorrow he begins his training.

With one last glance at his foremother ... he leaves. Behind cloud shrouded mountains, the sun is coming up.
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