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The Red Chair

A red chair. That’s all that was in the room. A single chair. Sitting in the middle of the room. No curtains, no table, no lamp. Just a red chair and a red clock.

I stood in the doorway. It reminded me of a throne room. All bare, and bright with the light coming through the window. Strange. I was afraid to walk into the room. I stood and thought about this for a moment or so.

The instructions were clear. ‘Go into the house. Find a red chair. Sit in the chair.’ That was all.

I thought about this for a moment, But decided the risk was worth the reward. I sat in the red chair. This red chair enveloped me.

Suddenly all time stopped. Transported to another spot in space, I noticed the clock had jumped ahead by hours. Women approached me.

“Kind person, welcome to the red chair. You have been chosen from among women,” she of the long white hair and purple eyes spoke to me.

“Chosen for what? And by whom?”

“You have been chosen to bear the race of the colorless.”

“The face of what?” As I tried to get out of the red chair, its grip tightened on me.

Pale women surrounded me, with white hair and purple eyes, strange women. They transported me through time, through space. I sat on a barren planet, it was devoid of any color. A white light shone in my eyes.

‘Wait here, chosen one.” The woman of the long white hair and purple eyes left my sight. The red chair, the only color I could see, still had me in its grip. A great pain shook me. I screamed and delivered a blank child.

When I woke again, the red clock said time is up.

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