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A Giantess Story About RWBY. Giantess: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang.
“Psss... Jaune.” A voice said, instantly poking him to the side. He shook it off, but it kept coming. “Wake up Jaune...” It said again, and when he didn’t wake up.

“Jaune!” That did the trick, as it woke him up. Instantly seeing Ruby and Yang smirking down at him.

“Good morning!” Yang said as he was ready to go back to sleep.

It was day 4 of this ordeal, of being kidnapped by the giant girls. In his opinion, it wasn’t as bad as it really should be. All the girls were caring towards him, in their own very ways.

He has got a good grip on these girls. Ruby was kind and innocent, Weiss was rude but caring, Blake was reserved and mature, and Yang was flirty and playful. They all liked him, but had very different ways to approach him.

The amount of times Ruby has called him adorable or cute, it was a lot. If Jaune was to take a guess, she saw him as more of a cute little friend than anything else. Like a dog, which was not an idea he was really a fan of. Better than Weiss though.

In his opinion, Weiss was the prettiest, but being with her was the worst. Rubbing her feet, untangling her hair, even trying to clean her with a cloth. She treats him more like a servant. Still, she treated him nice, but made sure he knew who was in charge.

Blake, funnily enough was the best to be around. She didn’t mess with her, or play with him or force him to do something. She simply just talked to him casually. Almost like he wasn’t bug size compared to her, which made a very big contrast with Yang.

Yang was very playful, and very forward. Dropping him down the back of her pants, her giant cleavage, into her mouth. Jaune has quickly learned that the blushing to the busty blonde was a death sentence, as she will spring. She was also very obsessed with making puns.

They had him when he sleeps on a separate table, one far away from the pot. He can’t get down safely, and wouldn’t be able to escape. So the idea has been put firmly into the back pocket. He still tries to look for the chance, but it never comes up.

Back to the giantesses at hand though. “Yang, you shouldn’t spook him like that. He’s sensitive.” Ruby pouted, bringing him to her chest.

“Relax, good morning Jaune! We are going to have fun today!” Jaune couldn’t help feel a bit concerned. All the girls usually woke up before he did, so they usually discuss before hand about him.

Weiss and Blake were outside, a place he hasn’t seen. Was there like a whole village out there, he didn’t know.

“W-What’s happening?”

Ruby brought him around and hung him, with her two fingers under his armpits. “We are gonna have fun! You know how you been... mopey lately Jaune.”

“Y-Yes?” The blonde questioned.

“Well you won’t get the chance today! We are gonna play with you, show you that you should enjoy your time with us!”

He was left confused, but Yang moved to the side. “Which means that today, you got four giant girls ready to love you! Since Ruby wanted you first, she gets you!”

“W-Wait i’m still confused.”

“Hehe, come on Jaune. We explained it, and you are wasting my time with you!” Ruby said with a smile. She suddenly moved, and before he could figure out what was happening, Yang was out of the door. He was stuck with Ruby. She wore a smile as she went and sat down at the table. Grabbing a cookie and putting it in front of him.

“Okay, eat quickly! I’m so excited!” Ruby said.

“W-Where did you even get a cookie?” He questioned as she rolled her eyes.

“Eat!” She said in an immature order. He follows and starts biting.

She talked some more about it, and he understood. “You girls want to make me happy?”

“Yep! We keep seeing you eye up the plant, and you just wanna go home, so we are gonna change that!”

“What? we gonna play some games?” Jaune said, admittedly a bit excited.

“You see I thought I would, but my big sis told me about a way to get a guy to love being with you, so we are gonna do her idea!” At this point, Jaune couldn’t help but choke up.

“Y-Yang told you? I’m a bit worried.” The boy said. Ruby giggling. Just like Jaune got to know them, they got to know Jaune. He was not very courageous, a bit of a coward, dorky beyond all belief and got intimidated by them. Still Ruby and the other girls found that endearing.

So once he finished the food, she grabbed him. Her fingers wrapping around him as she got moving. She went over to her bed, sitting down onto it as she got excited.

“R-Ruby, should I be worried?” He questioned her as she giggled.

“No! Probably not.” She said. “Yang said you would enjoy it.”

“Can you just tell me what you are doing?” He said a bit defeated and accepting that it was happening. She giggled, and showed it. She moved her hand down and reached her top, pulling it back letting him see her small, but giant chest.

He was left stunned at the two plump pieces in her outfit. They were not as bad as Yang’s, but they were still impressive at their own right. Pausing he began to talk to her.

“R-Ruby, you aren’t gonna-”

“Are you excited! Truth be told, I know guys like... stuff like this. It always made me feel uncomfortable though, but if it’s for you Jaune. You can stay in there the entire time!”

“R-Ruby, listen!”

She did not listen. She brought him around and stuffed him into the boobs. Pushing him into the cleavage. It was the weirdest thing for Jaune. Now Yang has done it before, but he would never expect it from Ruby. She shoved him right in, and they were big enough to hold his entire body. Ruby only pushed him to the point where his shoulders were deep in, his head was out. He could see the red outfit she had, as well as her boobs.

“R-Ruby!” he said concerned, very concerned about it as he didn’t feel comfortable. When he looked down though, he noticed that her boobs were huge, and quite pale.

He looked up next, seeing Ruby smiling down at him. She was wearing a blush, cause how can she not. She had a small boy in her boobs at the moment. Never she would of imagined.

“So do you like it!” She asked, smiling down to him. “Do you like being between them. Be honest Jaune!”

“H-Honest?” He questioned back to her as she nodded her head. “W-Well... I like it.”

“Yes I knew it! You love them! Well you can stay in there for as long as you want.” She said as he looked at her.

“But... I don’t know if I feel comfortable being here.”

“Comfy? You wanna be comfy, well... here i’ll give you some more room!” Ruby said, not understanding what he meant. Suddenly she moved her hands around and opened her breasts. Grabbing each side and trying to give some room. This caused Jaune to sink down, and of course she had the same reaction. “Oh... whoops. Jaune you aren’t suffocating are you?”

“N-No! I’m fine, just a bit covered.” He said to her as she giggled.

“Is that comfy?”

“K-Kinda!” He said. It was like being wrapped with a very heavy blanket.

“Than you can stay in there for the rest of the time with me!” She giggled to him, as that was her plan. She went over and walked. Jaune being forced to move with her body as he could not even see the outside world at this point.

“Hey Jaune!” Ruby said, after getting some more cookies and taking a couple of bites. “Can you tell me what this feels like?”

“W-What feels like?” He questioned, as he got his answer with her boobs being shoved into him even more. He got smothered by them, as Ruby had her arms on either side of her boobs. Pressing them together with her forearm as she wore an adorable smile down.

“Hehe, now I know why Yang does this all the time to you, you feel pretty funny in there!” She giggled, as finally she opened it up. “So how was it Jaune!?”

“Ruby...” Was all he could muster. She meant well, that can’t be argued about.

“Well, don’t worry. I won’t take you out until I have to!” Ruby said resting onto her bed. “I might even take a nap, feel free to do it as well, cause considering who’s next... you will need it.”


“W-Weiss?” he questioned, looking up to the white haired girl. After Ruby woke up from her nap, her time was up and Jaune was passed to the next girl. Weiss looked pretty disgusted at Jaune when he got pulled out of Ruby’s boobs.

Ruby didn’t even stay, as she went out as well. This left him to be concerned even more. Weiss was regal and beautiful, but he didn’t feel safe with her.

“So, you tried to cut a field with Ruby.” She questioned, tapping her foot as that was almost memorising.

“I-I didn’t. She wanted to put me in there I swear!” He said to her as she rolled her eyes.

“Probably, with that girl, and how much she plays with you.” Weiss said crossing her arms. “Follow me.”

Jaune followed her order, going where she was going. She went over and grabbed some grapes from the fridge, getting Jaune to wonder what she was going to do. She didn’t feel him in, instead she just kept on walking. Jaune struggled to keep up, and Weiss made no attempt to slow down.

When she got to her own bed, she moved around and sat down. Laying her body on it as it looked like the heavens up to Jaune. She placed the grapes next to her, before looking at Jaune.

“Right, forgot you are too useless to climb up by yourself.” She said, her words stinging a bit. She moved around and reached down. Reaching down and lifting Jaune up onto the bed, right next to her hands and her grapes.

“Now watch carefully Jaune.” She ordered, as she reached and plucked a grape. Before tossing it into her mouth. “Now you do the same.”

She was on her side, so it was going to be more trouble for Jaune. He knew better to disobey her though, he’s just glad he is not near the foot once again. Her... pretty foot.

“Hurry up.” Weiss sad as he listened. Moving over and going to get a grape. He had a bit more of a struggle pulling it out, but he listened. He walked with the beachball size grape to her body.

“Uh... W-Weiss? Can you maybe... I don’t know lower your head?” He questioned, which got a glare from Weiss.

“What was that?”

“N-Nothing!” he said, instantly backing down. I’ll do it myself.” he said to her as he looked over her body. Best not to climb that, and don’t risk her anger. What other choice did he really have.

Well, it was right in front of her face. A long white ponytail touching the bed and up past her face.

“W-Weiss? Can I climb your...” He said pointing to her hair.

“Of course, how else are you gonna do it. Now hurry up.”

She ordered him once again, and he got moving. He’s always been good at climbing, which is funnily enough how he got into the situation. So he got up and served her. Climbing her hair and when allowed, tossing the grape into her mouth. She chewed, swallowed and demanded another.

This repeated... a lot of times. He kept climbing up with a grape and tossing it into her mouth. Jaune didn’t mind though, in terms of services this was pretty tame.

“So, are you enjoying your time with us?” Weiss questioned as he shimmied down the hair.

“What? Well... it’s better than I expected.”

“Me included?” Weiss questioned as he touched the bed. “I’m just curious. Do you like serving me Jaune?”

“D-Do I like serving you! Well the thing is... I um... really like you at the moment... you’re nice, but it’s hard work. A-Another thing-”

“You just can’t say it easily, can you.” She giggled with a smile. “Don’t worry, I know i’m your favourite.”

Jaune just nervously giggled. He kind of did like her. Going over and walking over with a smile on his face. He got over and continued.

“No, it’s fine. First, I want you to clean my mouth.”

“C-Clean?” He questioned, as her hand reached for him. He got lifted up by her fingers, as he stood on her palm.

He got lifted right up to her wide smile, and suddenly she opened her mouth. He looked inside, seeing some grape skins in between her teeth. Jaune of course didn’t want to do it, but it was not like he was going to tell her about it.

Swallowing his fear, he took off his shoes and walked over, stepping onto her lips and forward. She wore a smile about it as she felt it. She felt him move over and get inside her mouth. Stepping inside as it couldn’t help but feel funny. Jaune got all the way over there, past her teeth and down onto her tongue. It was kind of weird that he was in her mouth, something he did not simply believe.

He swallowed his fear about it, moving over and getting onto his knees. Jaune then got to work cleaning her teeth out. Getting whatever grape shreds he can, and even trying to get some other things off.

Working on it, as he made sure she was going to enjoy this. Weiss was, and she was glad he was listening.

Jaune cleaned it out, and was holding all the grape shreds. He walked off her tongue and onto her hand.


“About time,” Weiss said to him. “Good job though, I suppose.”

“T-Thank you Weiss!” He said to her tired. She looked at him, before smiling.

“I suppose, little Jaune. You have earned this.”

“E-Earned this?” He questioned to her as she smiled. Weiss puckered her lips, and drove them right into the face of Jaune. He felt her powerful lips over him, kissing him onto his face as he could not believe what he was feeling. Her lips right on top of him, as it felt like something else.

When she brought her lips back, he fell and collapse.

Weiss smirking at the work she had on the boy.


“She kissed you?” Blake said down to him. Sitting on her bed and relaxing, reading a book of course.

“Yeah, didn’t really expect it.” He said to her.

“Well, that is what you wanted was it not?” She questioned. “I’ve seen your reaction to her.”

“I... yeah.” He said with a nervous laugh. Can’t get past Blake, that was for sure. They have just been talking for Blake’s chance, as she doesn’t really have that much interest in Jaune. She liked him, but was not focusing on playing with him like the other three. Something Jaune appreciated. “I like you all but-”

“You’ve got a crush on Weiss. I know.” Blake said as he gave out a nervous laugh. She flipped a page and just kept reading. “You aren’t the only one.”

“R-Right.” He said to her, sitting down and simply waiting. A long moment of silence in the air as he questioned. “H-Hey Blake?”


“Can you get me some water please?” He questioned to her, her yellow eyes shifting over to him as he was a bit worried.

“Sure.” She said as Jaune smiled to himself. Glad about it as she moved off the bed. He saw the giant Catgirl walk away from him, as he was by himself.

He waited and just relaxed at the moment, laying down as he takes this moment. After all next was Yang, and that could prove troublesome.

As he was waiting, he laid down right into the middle of the bed, not thinking about where.

Turns out that was not the right choice. Cause Blake came back to the bed with the cap of water. Putting it to the side. Due to him being in her large shadow, she in fact did not actually see him.

“Jaune, I will put the cap on the side table... wherever you are.” She said resting and relaxing about it. Jaune was not in the same spot, she assumed he went away.

Grabbing her book, she opened it back onto the page. Just as Jaune started to wave his hand around, trying to show it.

It was far too late though, as she he looked around, he could only see the large rear of the catgirl. His eyes went wide when he saw her giant ass over him.

Plus, he found something he surely didn’t expect to see. Blake, was not wearing any underwear. When her ass was going to come down, it was going to be her bare ass.

Jaune’s eyes went wide, trying to wonder how he was going to prevent it. Only to find that he could not really. Blake laid down and dropped down onto the bed. Laying down onto him, falling onto Jaune as he got flattened under her cheek.

Blake touched the bed, laying on it as she opened her book, interest going in there as she focuses on it.

While she was focusing on her book, Jaune was pinched under her ass. Unable to do something as she held him there. He moved around and tried to get out, only to not really be able to do anything about it. Her flesh was pinning him down and if he was going to be honest, it was bigger than he thought it was. It was giant, and held no struggle pinning him down. He tried to move around and get around, only to not be able to move.

Well at least he can get Blake’s attention. Moving around and planning to get her to feel, her just rubbed himself against her giant ass. This did not have the result he really wanted. As she felt an inch. Instead of thinking it was Jaune, she merely tried to scratch it off. Rubbing her ass against the bed, as this was making it worse.

He felt the ass grind on him, shifting around and chafing his body. He wished he could do something, but he could not really as this just kept going on and on.

Finally he got pushed just as she lifted her ass. For a second, but it was enough to move his giant placement. It came right down, as he was now pinned under her crack. Now Blake was great, but he was so close to her privates and it smelled honestly terrible. He covered his nose, ignoring it as he felt her full pressure came down onto him. He was pushed down, and even if he tried to move, that made it even worse.

So at the moment, he was just waiting for her to lift herself off of him. Of course she still felt him, but it was at the point where she was annoyed by it.

After about fifteen minutes of being pinned under her crack, her eyes shifted over to the water, and then down to the ground. “Jaune?” She said, calling his name. Not getting a response and not seeing him. She lowered it back down, dropping her book as she called again. “Jaune!?”

No reaction once again. She paused for a couple more of seconds. Moving around as she felt the itch under her ass again, this time under her crack.

“He isn’t?” She paused, thinking for a couple of seconds. She lifted her ass and dug under onto the bed. Feeling... Jaune.

She pulled him out, and pulled the small blonde boy right in front of her face. He was that feeling all the time, he must of moved around and gotten under when she got the water. A bad idea to lay there, but she was at fault for not seeing.

She paused, before swallowing it. “I’m sorry for sitting on you.”

“It’s fine...” He said with a nervous laugh, as she couldn’t help but smile. Of course Jaune was not going to hold it against him. He got brought around.

“As my way of saying sorry, have some water.”


And now, he was at trouble. Yang, sitting over him and sitting on her bed. A big smile on her face as she looked down at the fellow blonde. He was alone with Yang, and that was never good.

Her smirk sending down to him as he had to speak up. “Y-Yang? What are you planning?” He questioned to her as she just laughed.

“What? Scared, Jaune?” She taunted, unable to hide how happy she was. “Relax, i’m not gonna hurt you. I just want... a foot rub?”

“A-A foot rub?” He said to her confused about it.

“Yes, I saw you giving one to Weiss. What, you like her feet... more than mine. Do you not like my big, sexy.... powerful feet.” She showed this off, bringing her foot and waving it in front of them. “They like you Little Jauney-Boy.”

“I’ll, rub them.” He said as she smiled. Best to do something that doesn’t seem that back. She was really happy about it, as she stomped both of her hands down. Stomping it down hard as it made him jump.

“Best start now, or else these feet will be stomping all over you!” She joked, as he listened about it. He moved around and went to her giant toes. Rubbing them as he tried to make her happy. He has done this a lot with Weiss, so he had practice at the moment.

Very glad about it, as she let him rub more and more. He did easily get past the rubbing, but it was Yang and of course there was going to be trouble. As he reached between her toes, he worded hard. Just as both of her toes clenched onto him. He could barely believe it, as he got lifted up. Lifted up into the air as he was forced to dangle. Kicking his legs around as she lifted her toes.

“Hurry up Jaune, you seem a bit trapped at the moment.” She joked. He ignored her words, as he just rubbed her toes. Even in this position, he wanted her to be happy about it. Working hard for a long while, until finally she dropped him down onto the ground. He laid down, and saw her giant foot coming down to him. He was unable to do anything, as he was pinned under her large sole. It was like a heavy blanket, something he could do nothing about it.

“Can you please rub it more?” She questioned some more. He listened about it, as he did what she wanted.

Yang waited, and then felt the effort on her soles. A bit ticklish yes, but it felt so good and she just loved it at the moment. “Oh Jaune, you have no idea how much I love this. You’ve been near my mouth, my boobs, my butt even. First time you’ve been under my feet. I just love it, your little work on it.”

Jaune didn’t respond, he just kept working, until finally Yang got a bit more dangerous about it. Pressing her foot down into a step, as he could do nothing about it as she held him under. A smile on her face as she was loving it. She pressed him down, and although he had a bit of a want to get out, he was not going to get it. Finally she wore a smile as she got a lot more playful. Taking her single foot off of Jaune, and pressing her soles down between her. Pressing them together as he got smushed between the two.

“Y-Yang?” Jaune questioned, a bit confused about it as she sent a smile back to him. Unable to hide how happy he was about the situation.

“Sorry Jaune, but i’m gonna have my fun!” She said with a smile, pressing her feet together. So together, that he could do nothing but squirm between her soles. She started to shift them together, rubbing his small body against her soles. As he was forced not only to deal with the feet, but as well as her smell that was coming from them. Yang didn’t care, as she was getting very turned on throwing the little boy all around with her feet. She laughed about it, loving it as she was just toying with him.

Jaune tried to break his way open, but found struggle with it as he could not really do anything at the matter. No matter how much he tried, he was stuck between the soles.

She got faster and faster with the rubbing, to the point where it was very dangerous for Jaune. He felt intense pain due to this and struggled to keep himself awake. Trying to make sure he was not going to pass out and not be able to do anything at the moment.

Sadly, that was what happened. As he got hit by her toe roughly in the head, almost causing some dangerous business. That didn’t stop er though, as she kept going. Not noticing that his body went a bit more limp.

She moved her finger around, reaching to her privates and touching herself from the other side. She was a bit turned on at the moment. Since she saw Jaune, her mind has always been a bit naughty with him, but she has waited and not done it for a long while. Although she was getting the idea now, as she pressed down onto her privates.

“J-Jaune, do you think you can do something for me?” She said, a wanting smile on her face as she is feeling very perverted. She opened her feet, and planned to let the boy free so she can move over to her next fun. However as she opened it, she could see that he was down for the count. “O-Oh.” She said, reaching for him and dangling him in front of her face. He was still down at the moment. “Uh... let’s hope he’s not dead.”


“Jaune, hope he’s not dead!” Ruby said, all four girls eating dinner together. Rice with a bit of curry on top. Blake of course had some fish bits in her own.

“He’s fine, I just got a bit rough with him.” Yang laughed back, as none of the girls shared with it.

“You flattened him between your big feet!” Weiss countered. “When I have him near my feet, at least i’m careful with him.”

“You can’t be gentle with him. He’s small!”

“That is true.” Blake said agreeing with her. “Things will happen with him, we don’t need to dwell on it.”

“Aww, thanks kitty cat!” Yang said rubbing Blake’s head much to her fellow girls annoyance.

“Well I had a good time with him! I put him between my boobs like you said Yang and he loved it!”

“Hahaha, he would! Jaune is turning out to be a bit of a pervert! Hahahah!” Yang laughed, being the very loud girl that she was. She turned her head and looked over to Weiss and Blake. “What did you two do with him?”

“A lady doesn’t tell.” Weiss said, not wanting to deal with her friends teasing. Cause she knew it was coming.

Blake didn’t mind though. “We talked and I accidentally sat on him.”

“Oh really! You don’t wear panties so that must of been something else.” She laughed as she was loving this. “So what are we going to do to him now?”

“Let him rest, I would say he’s earned it.” Weiss said, looking over to Jaune with Ruby.

“Do you think he enjoyed today?: Ruby questioned, looking over to her friends. “I want him to be happy with this, and happy being with us? He’s been... not.”

All three pf them thought about it as well, as Blake came to a choice. “Well, I would say he is.” The other three looked to her. “We’ve been nothing but nice with him, and although you three sure have had your fun with him. It still had very friendly intentions. You even dedicated this entire day to make him happy. Of course some of us had more trouble with it,”

“Why are you looking at me?” Yang questioned as Blake just continued.

“And although some accidents might of happened, He did seem more happy with my time. I would say it was good.” She said with a smile. Resting herself with eyes closed as she ate more of the food.

“I guess... we do try to treat him nice.” Weiss said to herself, blushing herself. She did give the boy her first kiss, that was quite the privilege.

“I just love him, and I don’t want him to try to escape down the vines.” Ruby admitted as her all of her friends could agree.

However... while that was brought up, Yang got an idea. “Say girls, if he came up here to a giant world... do you think we can go down there, for a small world?”

And all the girls paused at this.
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