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Poetry about an umbrella thats left by the ocean
Walking along the beach I spy
All alone just like I,
An Umbrella near the lonely beach
Funny thing, the color was peach

Like my skin, hot and somewhat dry
I sat under it and began to cry
Left all alone on the beach
The umbrella and I
Suddenly, I begin to cry

The turquoise water was now dark
So I grabbed the Umbrella and dashed the the park

Leaving the Ocean so dark and gray behind
The boy that left me, had no spine
I guess he was never truly mine

But the unclaimed umbrella that someone forgot
Left on the beach beside a big rock
Something someone decided to toss

I take the umbrella to the beach when I go
In the sun, in the rain and yes, even in the snow
We're never alone now together we'll be
That lost umbrella and little ole me
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