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We all need to be thinking of every possibility! We ALL need to open our eyes, Yo.
I think this is more about other forces of darkness taking over.

"We wrestle not against powers of this world". Satan controls passions as well as greed on all sides.

We need to pray. I like your writing and your enlightenment. My heredity is many races combined.

We need to love one another. God will intervene as He did in the days of Jericho.

My blood contains Indian: So who do I blame for The Trail Of Tears?

Irish: So who do I blame for the thousands of my kin being murdered in their own streets?

African: So who do I blame for the neglect of immunity for my people dying from a very easily controlled sickness- malaria- but the government is so corrupt they won't give out cheap shots to immunize.

My white blood infects my whole system with its reputation even if there have been no actual act itself.

I remember when my grandmother hated her mother's blackness because it held her back from success she deserved. I hate my whiteness because it marks me like Cain even though I do no murder.

Aren't we all actually 'mutts' of society, mixed with every biologic material that has touched our systems? I believe the governments of the world have consorted together to incite genocide to erase much of the population. Take Care and Be Safe.
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