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by Mr M
Rated: E · Article · Educational · #2225513
A girl is trapped in the forest by hyena after she was left with her friends
Once apon a time there lived in acertain village five girls.They did their chores together Everytime they went to fetch water together, they gathered firewood together and many other things. One day they came across a mango tree in the forest when they were searching for firewood. They all climbed up to pluck some mangoes on one condition.The condition was to close there eyes while plucking the mangoes. Four of the girls who were clever closed their eyes only for seconds before they opened their eyes again . Now one of them who was foolish closed her eyes the entire time. I think you can easily guess what happened. When they climbed down the tree the four girls were having ripe mangoes while the other girls had unripe mangoes.She was pissed off. She then decided to climb back and pluck the ripe ones.Her friends the other four girls could not wait for her so they decided to drop leaves on the way they went throughbto provide direction for the girl once she finished plucking. It was so unfortunate that while they agreed on dropping the leaves on the way they went through that there was a hyna in a nearby bush listening. No sooner had the four girls left dropping the leaves on the way they went through than Mr hyna started interchanging the leaves into a different direction way that led to his homestead

After the girl had finished and climbed down she followed the leaves to the Hyena's house not knowing they had been interchanged. When the girl reached the Hyena's compound she could not believe her eyes by what she saw. Mr hyena was waiting for her. She tried to turn back but it was too late The hyena grabbed her and took her to his house.

The byena ordered the girl to fetch water under his guard until a big pot was full. The pot was filled with water while placed on a three stone fire. She then was ordered to Kindle the fire with same firewood she had gathered. The hyena locked her up in the house and went to call his friends for their was delicious dinner waiting. Now the girl realized that that she had been digging her own grave. Because their was no one to help she had to reason out how she could escape. She took her unripe mangoes and climbed up on roof top and waited for hyena to return.

A few minutes later Mr hyena came back with other ten Hyena's. When they went in they found no girl but they could smell her scent. They asked the older hyna to guard t at the door while they searched for for her. At that moment the girl started dropping unripe mangoes into fire. The sound that the unripe mangoes produced simultaneously while they burned in fire was terrifying. It made the other hyenas to come out out house fast disorderly as as they run for their lives. They stambled on the old hyena that was by the door. The girl harriedly came down of roof top and ran away. It was lucky that the girl met her father and brothers who looking for her. After some hours the hyenas came back and found the old hyena dead. They took him and boiled him in the hot. Water.That was the only delicious food they could get.

Do not be naive at everything you are told.
It is not to late to save yourself self from a terrible situation.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2225513-THE-HYENA-AND-THE-FOOLISH-GIRL