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I wrote two lines 7/7 in response to other peoples hokku for a June 2020 contest.
Is there a season implied not stated?
Is an emotion evoked rather than stated?
Is there a juxtaposition of images?
I left out capitalization unless it's a formal name.
I did not include titles ... that's a very western concept.
I did the best I could if I wasn't certain of time, place or specifics.

Since rengas can be a type of 'parlor game' I'm trying to respond as quickly as possible. I suspect originally there was little time to edit unless poets were sending messages back and forth by letters and they just may have been!

Do note: this may look like a tanka but when there are two or more poets writing, a renga goes off in a direction that the poet who starts it doesn't intend. My responses therefore are MY responses. *Shock2*

Ah... and to write my own quick American hokku:


peonies glisten
walking through heavy sweetness
two drenched surfboarders

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭 (Montana)


low gunmetal skies
poets threatened with downpours
chilly winter's wind

                   Elle (she/her) (North Island, New Zealand)

across tranquil sunlit seas
my lover smells pressed flowers

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


shade of giant tree
lacy shadows cool poets
summer parasol

                   Tinker (No California)

we swear at bold mosquitoes;
our pencils stab blank papers

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


in the Sar river
the grey granite Madonna
heralds the solstice

                   ridinghhood-p.boutilier (about NW Spain)

I watch a lone child searching,
tadpoles and glass his treasures

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


howl of cicadas—
we, wordsmiths all, shake with beats
of drums, dream of home

                   Roseille ♥ (memory of Japan)

back home under a blanket,
air conditioner full blast

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


sultry summer eve
underneath my Linden tree
dusky balladry

                   Eric Wharton (Mississippi)

twin boys run through long shadows;
grandmother calls them to bed

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


novice builders
under a forest's hot sun
a shed raising

                   eyestar~ (Canada)

one plank, one nail at a time;
a new refuge for chipmunks

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


VA hospital
constant refuge for wounded
safety net for vets

                   Dave (South Carolina)

hot winds, cold winds, under tall
loblolly pines, cool breezes

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


glorious buds bloom
like virtuoso voices
singing sacred psalms

                   Strange Brain (?)

linens flap, dry on the line
cleansed of the runt cat's present

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


summertime musings
ebb and flow on a sea of

                   Nani - Blessed Indeed (SW Georgia)

red soil clings to little ones
until baptized, rinsed and dried

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


dogwoods blooming free
redbuds coloring the world
daffodils sprouting

                   Lisa Noe (SE Kentucky)

'neath the brows of black mountains,
miner's shed blood for their rights (June 1973)

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭


Blue skies hold crisp air
tall mountains look to their feet -
garden of poets

                   NaNo_Mike (Colorado)

evening primroses open
as notebooks are put away

                   Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭

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