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Race relations are at a boiling point at the moment, so I have decided to talk about how America is not racist. America has been one of the least racist countries over the past 40 years statistically, so the idea that America is a terrible place to live for anybody who is not Caucasian is completely and utterly false.

First off, the chopping block is police brutality, Statistics provided by the statista.com, 370 white, 235 black and 158 Hispanic people were shot to death by the police in 2019. The two most covered police killings in 2020 that started all of the protests and riots are the one of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. First off George Floyd this was a bad killing that was a combination of incompetent police work, Covid-19 and claustrophobia. George Floyd went to a gas station to buy cigarettes with what the cashier thought was a counterfeit 20-dollar bill and he called the police. Derrick Chauvin and three other officers were sent to arrest him. 2 officers went to the SUV that George Floyd was in and arrested him, as they were walking back George Floyd collapsed to the ground and reportedly said he was claustrophobic. Derrick Chauvin then came out of the cruiser and decided to kneel on his neck to get him under control but he stayed there for 9 minutes. George Floyd died shortly later, at his autopsy they found out that he had Covid-19 which may have contributed to his death. Then there is Rayshard Brooks he was drunk and got stopped by the and they were asking him questions for 25 minutes then they went to arrest him. He wrestled both officers down to the ground and took the taser off of one of them and shot it at one of the officers and they shot him. One of these is a tragedy and one is good shooting under law but both of these are portrayed by the media as the exact same.

Second, off, is the idea that Republicans are brutally racist this is wrong especially because of the history of both parties. Let’s start in the 1960s the Republican party was the party for black Americans then the legalization of black voting rights the democratic party rapidly shifted whereas the republican party largely stayed the same. So, the differences between now and then, is that the middle has shifted so much to where the republican party looks like the 1960 democratic party comparably. This has led to the widespread notion that the republican party is racist.

Finally, saying George Washinton and Thomas Jefferson were bad people is completely ignorant view because every generation looks back on the past few and say wow those people were bad while completely ignoring the societal standard because if you get born in the 1700s would you have the same viewpoints as you do today no because society shapes you. If you grew up in a time where everyone ate anything, they could get there would you care about the bird you’re eating's life, no because it is standard then. Basically, if you hold anybody from 100 years ago or longer ago to today's standard then everyone is bad same thing 100 years from now everyone is going look at us and say wow, they’re terrible people except for a select few who helped shape the world.

This is the end I hope you got some new insight and maybe check out some of my other works.
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