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by Mr M
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Opens up the mind of a rich kid who does not realize the great potential he/she has.
The world is full people with different personalities. Today I'm going to speak mostly about the children who come from rich families. As we know we have three types of families which are rich families, poor families and middle families. I love the family I come from and I accept our current stutus. This makes easy for me to focus on my destiny and always make right decisions in life towards my goal. The greatest mistake most of us commit is not accepting the families we come from or even some of us may not even know the type of families we come from. We always think we are as how other families are. I come from middle family and every day I try to work hard to move to the next level.
They always say opportunity comes once in life. Today I have to tell the rich kid that the opportunity of being born in a rich family came only once. When I say about a rich kid I'm saying about maybe a child whose father or mother is a doctor,laywer,politician,engineer,succesful business man and so more. This is one of great opportunities this child should be proud of. Most of children born in rich families do not realise the greatest potential and opportunities they have to develop themselves. Most of them end up in drug abuse,sexual immoralites and crime related activities. We should also know that parents make mistakes of not being concerned with their children and they only realise when its too late. Even though my parents have not been concerned with me since I was young and Iam now 24 years old but also I have been able to guide myself through. Today I would like to tell the rich kid that this life belongs to you and not your parents. Your parents are just vessals that God used to bring you to the world. The greatest responsipility lies in your hands to make your life come true not your parents. Their is no excuse that your parents were not there to guide you through.
The rich kid has enough to eat can afford good education, health and great exposure to any field he/she may be interested in. Iam sorry to say this but its ironical for a poor kid to come from scratch and emerge on top of a rich kid. This is because the poor kid knows the family he/she comes from. He/she accepts the family he/she comes from and he/she is able to make right decision. When your family is poor you always work hard to make sure that you come out succesful. In short the poor kid has a goal to achieve and thus has postive attitude towards it.
These is my advise Iam going to give to the rich kid. If you want to be succesful in life consider the following points.
1. Accept that your family is rich.
2. Identify every available opportunity you may have.
3. Have a goal in life.
4. Develop postive attitude towards your goal
5. Do not blame your parents for your failure blame yourself incase you have ever failed and make a turn around and begin from my point one.
After accepting that your family is rich behave like a rich kid. Dress presentable always. Have friends that are always presentable whether poor or rich. Be responsible and always inform your parents of where you are or going to. Most gangsters and terrorists target mostly rich families. If you are having a boyfriend or a girlfriend let your parent know them. Some of them are just targeting you in form of love. Tell your parent your goal in life they always will support you. If they do not at least you told them. Ask them always for their support. If you always do these your parents will realise that you are mature and responsible kid and they will be free to give you your freedom because they now believe in you. People from outside will also respect you naturally and you will gain favour from many just naturally.
For example let me talk about rich kids who are 18 years and above who end up in drug abuse. First of all they hide from thier parents that they use drugs. Secondly they sneak around to go for clubs and to abuse drugs. If you use drugs let your parents know the type of drugs you are using or even just know that you use drugs. Secondly remember I said behave like a rich kid. There are secure clubs and other places you may want to visit. Such places you will always get other kids like you and you can share alot. Also it is not easy for one to target you because your are in a secure place and also your parents know where you are. Do not visit insecure places because you are hiding from your parents and sneaking out.
As I finish this is a challange I'm throwing at you rich kid. The wealth your parents are having does not belong to you. look for yours. What if at the age of 17 years you had a business idea that you shared with your parents to help you? If you owned your business at the age of 17 by the help of your parents it would not be easy for you to make losses or your business to collapse. By the age of 25 years you are a great person. If your father adds to you some of his inheritance where will the poor kid reach unto you remembering the irony I mentioned earlier? At the age of 35years you are richer than your parents because you had a goal developed postive attitude towards it and most Important you had full support of resources from your parents. What if you were a Software engineer and you were develping a poroject of an application like Bill Gates at 17. What if at 17 your were already preaching, mentoring and influencing if that was your line of career.
We may not all end as succesful but that does not mean we sit eat drink and waste our parents resources. Our fate lies in the hands of God. Let us not decide for God how we want our lives to be but let us believe in God of what we disire our lives to be. Your life is in your hands develop it or destroy it.
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