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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Drama · #2226438
I'm all in favor for carbon monoxide detectors that work properly except for mine.
One Summer day when my power to my apartment went out during a storm--the low battery beep went off on my carbon monoxide detector. It periodically beeped in a short, abrupt manor once every minute or so. This was still annoying to listen to after a few beeps as it too was loud. I then attended to the device as to deactivate it by pulling the battery out.

But, with every attempt to deactivate the detector it beeped back at me even louder with a stronger screeching beep. When I tried to pull the battery itself out it would get even more jammed into the unit. I tried to use a tool to pry it out with no avail too as it beeped further on its own. I then gave up on removing the batter and proceeded to bash it with my foot on the floor--it didn't break apart and beeper further again in the sturdy casing it was in.

At this point I thought my neighbors would hear it too and think of it as an alarm going off. So, I gave up the ship and took the detector unit outside as it continued beeping all the way to the outside dumpster at my complex. I then got rid of it by trashing it in the dumpster by bashing it in there. But, that wasn't the end of it.

When back in my own apartment again I thought that nightmare was over with the low-battery powered carbon monoxide detector. I soon left the scene in my car and drove off on an errand putting the whole relentless ordeal out of my mind finally and beep-free. But, later when I arrived back to my apartment passing the dumpster I heard the annoying beep once again in doing so. As it was all defiant of me again with the continued short beep--never ending low battery signal guaranteed by manufacturer I think.
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