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by Connor
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In the year 2000 humankind started to change and evolve with people gaining powers.
In the year 2000 humankind started to change and evolve with people gaining powers such as super strength or the ability to fly but not only did superpowers become reality but so did beings known as Elementals who were born just like normal humans however they were also born with the ability to control the elements such as fire and ice. This is the story of one of these Elementals known as Connor and all the challenges he will face along the road.

???: "Connor it's time to wake up for school." Said a girl with long white hair and red eyes. She was wearing a red cropped hoodie, shorts, flats, and black knee high socks; while standing at the young boys bedside trying to wake him up. "You can't be late."

Connor: "Fucking!" Connor said as he was seemingly not ready to wake up, and proceeds to put a blanket over his entire face. "I'm too tired Emiko."

Emiko: "Don't make me flip the bed over!" Emiko pulls the covers off of Connor and tosses them to the side. "I will do it."

Connor: "Fine I'm up."
He jumps up and throws his sheets on the bed. "You can go now.... I need to get dressed."

Emiko leaves the room as Connor points her towards the door and shuts it as she exits. He gets changed into jeans, a black t-shirt, red jacket and puts blue and black wrist bands on each wrist.

Connor: "I'd prefer not going to school but whatever." He slides his hands through his hair; a purple and black fade that sits down his shoulder on the right side. "But I guess I gotta go."

heading out of his room and walking down a flight of stairs he is greeted with a blood projectile from Emiko that he avoids quickly.


Connor: "Yeah..... it taste like fucking shit!" He ducks when he sees another blood projectile coming and rolls out of the way only to take a knee to the face and gets slammed into the wall. "Ow... You're lucky you're my sister or I'd freeze your lower body and shatter it."

Emiko: "I don't think an ice elemental could beat me a blood elemental just yet Connor." She helps him up, and whacks him upside the head. "If you ever eat my sushi again, I'll give you hell."

Connor: "Don't worry I won't, besides it tasted like shit so why would I eat it again?"

Emiko: "Fair enough now let's get to school."

Emiko motions him out the door and follows him out after locking up. As they head out not a single word is said until they reach the school to which they simply just say 'goodbye' leaving them to go in opposite directions.

???: "Hey, hey Connor wait up." A young man with black hair and blue eyes says runing over to Connor, greeting him with a smile on his face. "You heading to class?"

Connor: "Yeah I am Aaron. I mean I kinda have to go to class."

Aaron: "That's true besides I'm pretty sure your sister would murder the both of us if you didnt go to class." Aaron shudders at the thought of what Emiko would do to the two of them. "Let's get to class so we don't have to worry about her."

Connor: "Agreed." They leave together as there classes are next to each other.

Meanwhile Emiko arrives to her class and immediately takes a binder out of her bag and starts drawing on it.

Emiko: "A little bit of blue and some black and this should be complete." She continues to color in the drawing and zones out only to be brought back to reality minutes later by the sound of the bell ringing. "I think that's good.... Connor better be in class."

???: "I guarantee you that he is Emiko." A man wearing a blue t-shirt, gray jacket, gray and blue jeans. appears in the doorway of the classroom with a smile on his face. "I just walked past his class and he's in there."

Emiko: "That's good but I see that you're late again Vance."

Vance: "Yeah, it's called being fashionably late." Vance says with laughter in his voice as he takes a seat next to Emiko. "But now that I'm here we can discuss something else."

End of chapter
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